Sade inspired photo

Queen & Baby Queen

Queen & Baby Queen

Of course I had to add my baby in the photo but I had to try and recreate it in my own way ... Being a mom is something special. It's a very powerful task but very chaotic at times . It's important for us as mothers to stand firm on peace and relaxation for our babies. We are all one. We feed off one another's energy. Stay grounded and keep a clear vision of peace within your mind , body , & soul. When the world is going crazy , stay calm , when the baby is screaming , stay calm , when work sucks , stay calm. As you can see in this photo. Focused & Calm. Life can be tough sometimes but look on the bright side , you get another day to make it a more peaceful world , starting with yourself . Thank you @j3collection for helping me bring this to life. 

Peace & Blessings my spirit family ūüôŹūüíē. #FeeLove #J3Collections #PositiveVibesOnly


Manifesting GREATNESS : Jhenè Aiko story

I had to share this story with you guys ! This is something that can affect everyone being that it is a motivational / inspirational thing that can give you hope and perseverance . 

At 7 months pregnant I remember driving down the street and having this random feeling . I called my fianc√© and said " Babe , I am going to do Jhen√® Aiko's makeup . I know that my hand can create what she wants and I think she will appreciate my artistry / style ." I claimed it and moved on with my day . 

Now ,  a lot of people don't know this but I was in a makeup funk of not wanting to be an artist anymore . I wanted to just curl up in a ball and throw my brushes to the waste side . I was wanting something more and wanted to give up . Well they tell you when you feel like giving up , KEEP GOING ! Usually its the " enemy " trying to make it to where you can't receive your blessing . I stood strong , I would call my sister and cry and tell her I want to quit and just go back to school . I am mentally & physically tired and I want to be left alone . With that being said , I would still go out and bless people with feeling beautiful and exchange energy because my spirit wouldn't allow me to stop . Something was whispering " keep going , its not over ..." 

Hanging on when you feel you've given your all is sometimes very draining . If you hear that little voice encouraging you , I encourage you to keep on going like its suggesting . I continued to hang on and the unimaginable happened . That thing that was telling me to hang on was for a reason. I get a phone call from Jhen√®s team and they wanted me to do makeup for her music video . I looked at my phone and laughed because I remember about 5 months prior I was saying I want to work with this soul ! Not only is she talented but her spirit , her spirit is AWAKE and alert . A lot of people can understand what I mean by that and others may think I am speaking another language lol . 

The day comes where I have to do her makeup and I wasn't nervous , I knew I was suppose to be there and I knew my spirit was comfortable and ready to express itself . We exchange energy and I tell her the same story that I am sharing with you and she laughs . We keep working on more projects and creating . Last  night , as I was getting her ready for her show in Los Angeles , CA . I was excited and just kept playing that moment when I called my fianc√© and claimed what I wanted and what my soul was trying to tell me . 

I am looking at this soul on stage perform and express herself with a crowd full of people who are able to relate and exchange feelings , emotions , and energy . Her band plays their instruments doing their souls purpose and everyone is vibe'n'.   As I look up at her perform I can't help but tell God " thank you " very softly under my breath . Working closely with someone who knows them self and they touch so many souls on a spiritual level is an amazing thing . 

I am sharingl this in hopes to inspire someone . ANYTHING is achievable , but you have to be willing to take risks & hustle extremely hard . My social life comes 4th in line to everything . You can ask all my friends , they know that my work is my everything along with my family and they respect it . It takes sacrifice and perseverance with a whole lot of powerful prayers and thinking clearly / positive. Its not a trend , its a lifestyle that I encourage everyone to take part of . There is power in working on yourself and bringing to life all your dreams . You HAVE to start with working on who you are as a person . Thats how the game goes . Doing makeup , I get to make people feel pretty but I love doing makeup to meet other spirits , thats what keeps me inspired . Its a blessing and I am forever grateful for this life journey I am on . 

Thank you to everyone who supports me & Thank you Jhen√® & her team ! 

Peace & Blessings 

Xoxo - Fee La Tour 

Getting in Shape after a baby ... UGH !

Welllll my doctor said " Felicia , make sure you stay within the 25-30 lb. weight gain bracket . Pssss who was she fooling ? I gained a full 50 LBS. YIKES ! So much for staying within my bracket Dr. Patterson lol. I knew I was going to have work to do to get back to what I was before the baby if not close. I browsed through photos of me before the pregnancy and I was so skinny I almost feel like I looked sick lol . 5'8 & 128 lbs. Eghh too small . 

One thing about having a baby is you literally turn into another women . All of the sudden I have a big O'L booty  & hips . Looking back in the mirror like " danggggg girl ! " haha ! Only problem is mama needs some tightening & lifting . I'm a very busy person so I have to eat right as well as do exercises at home . I am slowly but surely getting back into working out but eating right is the 1st factor .

I am on a no carb diet until I lose the weight I desire which I have lost 38lbs. of the 50 so I am making LOTS of progress . I am drinking a lot of water and staying away from sugar drinks . Eating clean is something I am focusing on and just trying to get back into the swing of things . My workout routine is simple for right now . 

250 Abs, 50 Push Ups, 60 day squat challenge, 100 lunges . This week I am adding cardio which is including running & Yoga . As you can see , I use my newborn for a weight . She is with me all the time so I figured she can help me with getting back into shape . I mean , she did help me gain 50 lbs. lol . 

I am excited to share this workout challenge with you ladies and hope some of you moms join me in this journey ! Lets keep one another accountable and lose this baby weight ! 


Peace & Blessings 

XoXo- Fee La Tour 

Breast Feeding

Such a sensitive topic for the mothers who do breast feed and those who are against them doing it in public . In this post I am going to explain my perspective, from my world . This is how I feel and I don't believe there is a right or wrong answer . Everything in life is perspective so just hear me out ....

Lets look at the animals of the earth . Gorilla , Dog , Bear , the list goes on . Oh wait , I forgot to add humans . What people fail to understand is that we are just like those other animals . We just have a lot more abilities obviously . When people think it is " gross " to breast feed or see it and get freaked out / uncomfortable , I get it , I really do . It isn't " normal " because its not everyday you see a mom take out her boob to feed her baby . THIS IS A NATURAL THING . 100 % natural in my opinion . Those other animals do it and we have no complaints . We actually think its cute when they do it . Its amazing that I am able to produce milk from my body some way some how and feed my daughter . Its amazing that my body / boobs tell me when she is hungry before I even hear her cry . As women , we are like a machine to our new borns . We feed them all we have . 

We pump bottles and feed almost close to a dozen times ( if you're a working mom ) a day . Sometimes your body doesn't produce enough milk when you want it to and you have no choice but to be patient with it . Oh wait , how did I forget the part about your boobs leaking ? Oh gosh , when you wait too long before feeding/pumping for your little one , your boobs leak through your shirt , ughh , cute right ? lol its realllllly annoying waking up with a soaking wet shirt lol .

Sometimes its almost easier to take your boob out and let baby chow down . You want to naturally help your baby when she's crying. Sometimes getting up in the middle of dinner to feed her because you have no more bottles is a bit annoying. You want to just say F it and whip it out . A mother isn't intentionally trying to make people around her feel uncomfortable , we are just trying to sooth our babies . We are a species that is afraid of our own natural way of receiving food . Women show  their boobs in magazines , on instagram , in movies , but as soon as a mother shows her boob in one of the most beautiful forms everyone freaks out . Hmmm sounds backwards to me . I think if we should chang our outlook as mankind and instead of thinking " Yuck ! get a room ! " we should think " she's feeding her hungry baby." 

I am a proud breastfeeding mom . I don't pull my boob out in public because I have a fianc√© who doesn't tolerate that lol . If I could , I would because it is easier and Im not worried about anyone else and their opinion on how I feed my healthy ass baby lol. There are several things Im sure we all do that we can pass judgement on but this topic I think deserves a pass . I say we work on changing our perceptive and realize we mean no harm we just want baby to stop crying and we want to feel accepted by our own kind instead of frowned upon . 

" If you got it flaunt it .... " Ha. 

Peace & Blessings 

Xoxo - Felicia La Tour 

Determination of a Soul

As I sit here in meditation something tells me to stop and write so I am . Meditation isn't always sitting in silence , it can be whatever puts your mind at ease and calms you . I guess today the spirit is telling me to express my thoughts via blog post . 

Have you ever been so determined in life to reach certain goals that you just can't give up ? No matter what ? I think before having Peace I was determined but not as much as I am now . I was almost a "care free " determined person . Kind of lesurely working towards my goals without FULL tunnel vision.  I had goals and dreams and I worked towards them but I always knew there was room for improvement . I believed in my goals but not as much as I do to this day . The hunger is different . The goals are different.  Its as if I had a child and all those " goals " I had for myself simplified themselves and some were eliminated because my spirit was being pushed to greater ideas that were brand new and hand more soul substance .

I grew up with my mom working a lot so it was important for me to be a mom who was able to work and still have my baby girl on my hip . I want her to be able to see the world from my point of view even though she is her own individual . The life I want is a life of traveling , inspiring people , happy faces and instilling hope into those who seemed to have lost it . Bringing my daughter for that ride is my biggest dream . Ha ! How cool , while expressing myself I just pulled out my biggest dream . See what happens when you let the spirit guide you for the day ? 

I want Peace to be able to see all the things I wasn't able to see , I want her to experience different ways of life from other cultures . I want her to know " the world is big ! Live big ! Dream big ! Never limit your mind & power baby girl ! Don't be scared of the world , its yours !" I want her to have no fear , I want her to challenge herself and her beliefs so that she can grow and her spirit be free. All of a sudden , my life and thoughts did an even bigger turn around . 

I've always been a very passionate person in expressing myself but now it seems as if life is masking sense . I'm not banging my head against a wall trying to figure it out . I have my goal at hand and I know what I want . Yea it would be cool to have this amazing movie role and be on the cover of a strong woman's magazine but I believe those things are going to happen while keeping my eyes focused on my main goal . Baby Peace , my motivation , my determination . My job is to teach her the best way that I know how . Not listening to other peoples experiences too much because I understand not everyone is the same and this is between God & I . 

I'm writing this in all to say , go after whatever it is you want . If you feel in your heart you're suppose to do something than do it ! Try everything ! You have to fall down to get back up . Don't be fearful of trying because that is how we grow. If you try and don't like it , at least you have the freedom and peace of mind of " welp , at least I tried " . God is so good and if you work hard and be consistent and believe with all of your heart that your hearts desires will come true , THEY WILL !!! We go through things in life and sometimes it shakes us up and we tend to freak out . I'm learning to embrace change even though it was scary to always do so . BELIEVE everything is working for your better and God IS on your side !!! Dream big and know that all humans are equal . Tap into your ability to be powerful and embrace the power we were all born with . Last but not least , stay inspired , be the change you want to see and everything and everyone else will follow . 

"LISTEN TO YOUR HEART , IT WILL NEVER LET YOU DOWN " - Don BloomField ( My acting coach) 

Peace & Blessings ....

Xoxo- Felicia La Tour 


Mommy on the go makeup tutorial

 Press play or Visit YouTube.Com/FeliciaLaTour for todays blog post


This tutorial is dedicated to those moms who just seem to have no time to get ready in the morning :) 5 minute get ready tutorial even though I said 10-15 I challenged myself and pushed it to the limit . You can too !!! 


Peace & Blessings

Xoxo - Fee La Tour 

Halloween CRE-A-TI-VI-TY .....

"Flower Child " ... 

"Flower Child " ... 

Have fun this Halloween ! 

Have fun this Halloween ! 

" oh hey !" 

" oh hey !" 

Peace & Love ... 

Peace & Love ... 

My favorite time of the year is here ! Halloween ! This is hands down my fav because I get to be creative with no limits but most of all I get to be creative on others with no limits! This first look I created is just very pretty & delicate. I call her " flower child " ! She is a pretty little hippie who loves good energy & pretty makeup ! 


I will be booking client this year for Halloween but I will be limiting myself to only 5 clients for the day/night. 

Book me @ :  

lets get creative together ! Comment below with some fun / creative ideas for me to create :) 

Xoxo- Fee La Tour  

Bottles & Pacifiers


Someone recently said they are having a hard time with taking their baby off of the boob and onto a pacifier to sleep . Geez , I couldn't imagine having to pull my boob out each time my little one needed something to suck on . Ouch . !!! 

Babies naturally have a sucking urge for survival. They want to constantly suck suck suck which sometimes leads us to thumb suckers . My little one sucked her thumb for the first time the other day and I have to say I snatched it out quickly and realized she needed a pacifier . I was a thumb sucker and my gosh I needed hot sauce to get me to stop sucking it . 

When I was in the hospital I was told that they don't like when you give a baby breast milk in a bottle because of nipple confusion . Hmmmm I don't agree with that . What about when you leave the baby with a sitter and she needs to be fed ? Or what about the dad wanting to bond and feed baby ? I believe the trick is getting a bottle the mimics the nipples form so you don't run into this problem . 

My mother in law is a genius when it comes to baby stuff and she got me " Como Tomo Babby Bottle " , hygienic silicone bottles . These are not only cute but they feel like a boob and my daughter probably doesn't even know the difference . They are a bit pricey but so worth it because sometimes you want to pump and have the hubby feed her. We purchased these from RightStart.Com , if you don't have one near your house , order online :) 

Another brand of bottles she likes that are a bit cheaper are Avent bottles. This is the same brand pacifier she likes as well because it also mimics the nipple . I purchased these at Target and I got the large pack that comes with 5 bottles , soothie , storage container , and bottle cleaner. Worth every penny because she uses it all. Their soothies are the 

I hope this review helps mom as I needed help !!! Enjoy :) Remember to get BPA free :) 

XoXo- Fee La Tour 

The highs and lows 2 weeks + after giving birth

As I sit and stare at my little seed while she breast feeds I think about all the changes being a mom comes with . Get up and go ? Forget about it ! Procrastinate about getting out of bed in the morning ? Forget about it ! Relaxing and eating a meal ? Oh thats out the window too .

Many blessings come with having a baby but naturally for myself I think there are also some hardships. Lessons to be learned and I can ether take the lessons or  freak out which I have caught myself doing .

When I say lessons , I am meaning more towards emotional lessons.  My hormones are on an all time high . One minute I'm ok , feeling happy and just my normal self , the next minute I'm freaking crying and trying to find something to scream at my fianc√© about . Ahhhh its frustrating . This is the part of life where I believe I am suppose to take allll the knowledge I have read in books over the years and apply " power of the mind ." The biggest struggle for me has been my mental state of mind and keeping it strong . I am a very emotional person, I'm sensitive as well as over think ALOT lol . I am ok with this because it is just who I am but just imagine what gear it kicks into once I'm on a hormonal kick ? lol YIKES ( run if you can ) !!!

On top of being emotional , I also have my days where I look at my body and kinddddd of freak out because it looks like it belongs to another person . All squishy and loose ughh , I am being taught patience in this part because I can't expect to snap back realistically in 2 short weeks . See , thats a perfect example of over thinking lol . I am doing everything I can at this moment but it is a little bothersome when I can't get back into the swing of things because my body which held my baby for 9 months is not healed from within yet . My health is more important then my appearance . I get it . I'm 23 , I need a moment lol . 

One thing that I got right after delivery was carpal tunnel  . This has been the most frustrating part . It hurts very bad in the middle of the night when the baby cries and I have to get up to feed her I have to be careful I don't drop her . My Doctor says this is normal but I've been wearing wrist guards to try and keep the aching away . Just imagine , a new mom , carpal tunnel , trying to pick up her baby with wrist guards that won't allow me to bend my wrists so I'm tapping my fianc√©s shoulder in the middle of the night begging for help when all I want to do is feel normal . This is when I just pray for healing because it seems thats the only thing that keeps me hopeful . 

Thanks for letting me vent , life isn't always perfect but I try my best to keep a positive mind and venting about it is helpful. I know I'm not the only one ! Feel free to share some things you moms did to keep a positive mind while going through this life transition :)


Peace & Blessings 

XoXo- Fee La Tour 

Welcome to Fairfax Premiere

                                     Watch Trailer & First episode HERE : 





At this point in my life , I have learned the importance of not announcing every single thing you're working on until it is done & complete . With that being said I can now speak on what I have been working on my whole entire pregnancy . 

Welcome to Fairfax is a show about young hustlers just trying to make their dreams happen on the streets of Fairfax or outside of Fairfax in some cases . We all have a dream and we are all trying to change the world with whatever we can contribute . 

Most of the time I am very private with my personal life . I don't let a lot of people in but I am always an open book if asked . You will see me trying to find balance between my career as well as preparing to be a mother with ambition .You will see me in the light of my artistry , FeeLove Positivity movement & my family life.   My family life is something that is very deep to me and I haven't told many people about it until now . I chose to speak on it because it has made me the strong person I am today . I keep a smile on majority of the time but let me tell you I've been through some shit as we all have . 

PIVOT is a new network with a bunch of dope , genuine content ! Be sure to have the record button on just in case you're out at the club Friday night :) haha ... 


Thank You to everyone who supports me and my walk in life !!! 


Peace & Blessings 

Xoxo - Fee La Tour 

How was your delivery ?

What inspires me most about posting topics around my pregnancy and becoming a new mom is the fact that when I was going through these things I didn't have an exact website I would visit but I always wanted to know other peoples experiences . I wish I could of found a support group during my pregnancy but I wanted a group that was around my age which I find kind of uncommon. My instagram is where I was able to get feedback from other moms etc. 

The day of labor , hmmmmm where do I begin lol !!! I woke up on September 25th and felt minor contractions . I automatically thought Braxton hicks , false alarm . As the day went on my body told me very calmly, " today , you're going to have your baby ." I took a shower and got ready for the day , staying alert to any " pre labor " signs . I crawled into my bed and began realizing I was having contractions . What saved me from knowing if I was in labor or not was the fact that my fianc√© and I took labor & delivery classes . I was aware of the timing method so I began timing my contractions . " 7 minutes apart , lasting 1 minute , we're getting somewhere !" I told myself this after noticing consistency . 

An hr passes and I notice I am now 3 minutes apart and still lasting a minute . I got to the bathroom and BOOM , Mucus plug falls out . Now for some reason , people around me were more paranoid than I was lol.. I wanted to stay home as long as possible so by the time I went in they wouldn't discharge me and say the famous lines " come back later after a long walk to get you dilated more . " 

We arrived at the hospital and I was only 2cm dilated , I was told to go on a walk ( of course) and come back in one hr. Within that hr , my contractions were getting reallllllly strong but not strong enough I guess . I was checked again and was still at only 2 cm so they sent me home . Within leaving the hospital and taking a hot bath to ease the tension , I was in PAIN ! Pain that I can't even begin to explain besides the fact of feeling like you have to poop out a bowling ball !  We headed back to the hospital after I was throwing up due to the pain . I was checked and already at 5 cm . Keep in mind , this is all in a span of 40 min so you can imagine how quickly my body is changing. 

Once I get to the hospital , I am asked if I wanted an epidural . Now , I was ALL for going " natural " and being a big bad wolf who took the pain . You get no reward for it . Why go through all that torture when you can relax and feel nothing lol . I wanted to go natural but once I got that epidural at 7cm , I was thankful because my body pushed out a 8.11 ounce baby ! Thank GOD I chose the route I did because I probably would've passed out lol !!! 

So at this point , I have the epidural . I'm feeling real good and I'm pressing that epidural button like it is going out of style lol . I didn't want to feel that pain again ! I was able to take a nap and everything before giving birth so luckily  I had that energy when it came time to push . I was in labor for only 12 hrs but was in the hospital for about 7 hrs and the other half was  spent at home being as comfortable as possible . 

When It came time to push , I did it in about 7 contractions and she was out . I had an amazing doctor and nurses who made the experience great ! You could only imagine the joy I felt when her little body touched mine and I heard her cry . My fiancé and I were so amazed at what God helped us create . I love being a mom so much ! I get to love on someone all day long and help them with whatever they need . It truly is a blessing that nothing can compare to !!!

Lets hear your story on delivery :) Share in the comment section below !

Peace & Blessings 

Xoxo - Fee La Tour

MUST haves right after giving birth

Right after giving birth I began to learn a few things about myself and my new body . First , I had to accept my new body for what it is right now and just simply work on getting it back to what it was . Leaving anxiety to the side I began operation " snap back" just a day after labor . 

First, My stomach was all over the place . My uterus was nice and swollen still so It still looked like I had a baby in there.  I was advised by many mothers that it was important for me to breast feed to shrink my uterus , and WRAP my stomach night and day . I purchased a " Belly Bandit ." At first It didn't fit due to my uterus being super swollen still . I took an ace bandage and wrapped myself in that for the first 2 days. Soon after the Belly Bandit fit . I ordered a size small because I am determined to get back to my pre pregnancy size lol ! So far so good with the band, I am shrinking very fast and I am also making sure I am eating as clean as possible  to help me . I don't want to diet being that I am breast feeding and it eliminates so many calories I want my baby to be nice and healthy so I probably need to eat more food but its all a matter of what I am putting in my mouth . 

Lots of my weight has been water weight that literally just falls off . If you are pregnant and reading this, DRINK LOTS OF WATER . Not only to ease your swollen body while prego but to help the weight slip of right after . It is day 4 after birth and I have already lost 15 pds . I am making sure I     am drinking nothing but water and herbal tea which brings me to my next point . 

While in the hospital , most woman don't produce milk yet . Your body only has  colostrum so your baby will feed on that until it comes out . My baby would cry out in hunger pains because my milk took 4 days to start coming so I had to drink " mother milk " tea. This tea is a lifesaver !!! As a new mom , everything is new . You want to be able to do everything right and you want to be able to make your baby happy . I was so sad when I could hear my babies hunger cries . I ended up giving her my boob for the colostrum but I would also give her organic formula from whole foods called " natures best ". The Mother milk helped so much . I drink about 3 cups of it a day to help me get the milk down and poppin for my little one . 

Another Tea that I use is " Monthly comfort tea" , this is a good healing tea for my insides being that I had a baby living in me for 9 months . Everything is out of wack lol ! Vitamin D I give to the baby ( add a drop on my boob before breast feeding ) . My doctor recommended it and says they recommend all moms who breast feed to . 

These are all things that I needed asap after giving birth on top of a positive attitude . I'll keep you posted on my belly bandit / snap back journey regularly :) 

Peace & Blessings 

XoXo - Fee La Tour 

"Welcome to the Mommy club Fee !!!"

             September 25th , 2014  - 6:08 am  8.11pds. / 20in. Peace-Marie McNeill 

             September 25th , 2014  - 6:08 am  8.11pds. / 20in. Peace-Marie McNeill 

I have to say this is by far the most amazing experience ever !!!! I'm a MOM !!!! Ahhhh so crazy to think about . Who would've thought , little ol Fee walking around with a mini me :) 

The joy that I feel when I look at her is just overwhelming . Its a feeling that you cannot put into words because I believe it is a feeling only God can give you . I look at her everyday and say " THANK YOU GOD !" My other half . Our other half . In life , I was ready to go after something new before getting pregnant . I was ready to start a new adventure I just didn't know what kind of adventure . I was open to learning and growing towards whatever God had in store for me . Did I think it was a daughter ? well , no , but my goodness this is the best teacher / blessing God could've ever given me. My little miracle . 

I will still be continuing my makeup artistry BUT you will see me take a slight turn into mommy things a lot more as well as motivational speaking . She is my world , she is my everything and as most of you know I love to express my passion about things I love . I will be sharing my experiences as a mother , what my pregnancy was like , as well as just growing and documenting this part of my life . I believe this is going to be great for working mothers no matter what age you are ! While pregnant , I constantly looked online for mommy groups and wanted to connect with moms and feel " normal " during the life transition . For other moms , I would like to be that person that you can turn to as I am growing and absorbing all this new stuff :) I hope you enjoy the ride ! Great stuff in store :)) 


Peace & Blessings 

Xoxo- Fee La Tour