Russell Madness Movie Screening ....

Peace and I recently attended the private screening of "Russell Madness" at FOX Studios!!!! We were able to meet a very talented monkey and dog which were both stars of the movie. One thing I love about the film is the fact that they show the power of loyalty and strength within a family unit. They show unity and teamwork. I think the world is going to really like this movie and I do recommend parents watching this with their kids/family :) You can actually purchase the movie below;

Russell Madness  

Check out this little video we created at the pre-screening event :) 

Product Review: Lily-Jade (Diaper bag)

Recently I received an amazing handbag/diaper bag! Meet Lily-Jade! There are several things I love about this bag!

Ok so to start out, I am not a big purse/diaper bag person, BUT I love the fact that Peace and I can share this bag together and still be in style. Helping me save space and not have to bring two bags everywhere we go. That gets annoying ugh lol .... Ok moving on, the POCKETS! Whenever I look for a diaper bag I always look for pockets! This bag is super cool because it has this whole insert that clips in and out of the bag that is filled with pockets. There are at least a dozen pockets on the whole bag, I love it! Great to use for little things so that literally everything in your bag has its place. I use the front portion for my stuff and Peace gets the inside! Oh, did I mention it comes with a handy changing pad? Bomb.Com !!! Thank you so much Lily-Jade ! I recommend this bag to anyone with a baby or soon to be mamas. The quality of the bag is fantastic! Very heavy duty and will last you a while. If you ever want to use it for a purse or carry on bag you have the option of converting it into a  purse just for you mom! 

Click the Link for purchase and the inside of the bag :) Lily-Jade.Com

Sitting Still & Silent .....

As a woman, I am growing rapidly. As a mother, artist and human being I am growing very quickly.  I am learning to let my wings open wide and fly. Right now I am at a point of silence. I believe in the power of not speaking but simply sitting still and learning. I know for myself I want to forever grown and be a student to the world and God. I want to soar fearlessly and constantly challenge myself. As some of you know I've decided to do just that. I asked myself the other day "whats next?" Whats a way for me to step it up and challenge myself. I heard God say "go vegan and workout." I also heard him say to stay still and become a student while doing so. I love to feed people around me by inspiring them to choose a healthy happy way of living. I understand that I have to sometimes take time for myself to feel up all the energy I gave out. Meaning, refreshing my mind, body, spirit, so that I am able to come back stronger and better with more wisdom to share. For the month of February I won't be updating my blog because I just need time to gain more insight from the spirit. Gaining wisdom and knowledge from the spirit takes discipline, focus, courage, and I have to keep still. Since having my daughter, well even while I was pregnant, I haven't  had a "sit still" moment. For Christ sakes Beyoncé has "sit still" moments lol. My spirit needs a little rejuvenation and I know I will have AMAZING things for you guys in March. I am going ALL Vegan, detoxing my body completely, working out daily, and spending my free time with my daughter. I will be writing a lot, reading a lot, and being with nature daily. I am really excited and this takes a lot of courage for me to step away but I will be back! Love you guys!!! Thank you for supporting me in my journey... See you in March .....



Trust the little voice within yourself ...... Thats your intuition which is attached to your spirit and it can never lead you wrong .... 



This is my first give away and I am so excited! Just a simple give back to all of the FeeLove supporters! I am giving away some great products than I think you will enjoy! from brands like:

Solly Baby, Mustela, Blue Baby BumOPI, Charlie Banana, And a few more brands!

I am looking for three winners! Here are the rules:



* You must be following @FeliciaLaTour on Instagram 

* You must post a photo of you with your baby or baby bump with the best caption you can think of!

* You must HashTag #FeeLove for me to see your entry ! 

( Easy right? )

Best of Luck to you!! 

Xoxo - Fee 


Must Haves !!!

Happy Monday Everyone !!!!

Ok so these are some things I can NOT live without !!! Lets start from left to right. Hopefully something here interests you ....

First and foremost how could I live without my computer !? I mean I have to communicate with you guys so its definitely a must have! I have a super cute glitter case on it from my good friend Bri <- Click on her name to see all her cases! I have my IT Cosmetics CC+ cream, idk how I ever survived without this! It makes my skin so much more healthier but still covers very well ! Tarte Gifted mascara one of my FAVS ! The little green bullet is a new thing I was introduced to from my cousin Ryane. Its an essential oil called Young Living, this one in particular is called stress away. You rub it on your wrist and it is an all natural substance that calms you and the stress you are carrying. GREAT product!!! Omega Woman vitamins ! Postpartum mamas this is for us ! I was having trouble with getting my emotions and hormones in balance right after having Peace. I noticed I was becoming depressed. I went into whole foods to find something that was all natural and I cam across these. Fish oil pills that actually help! They also make your skin look FLAWLESS! I recommend these to all woman who have problems emotionally which has to do with hormones! These saved my life and are all natural! I purchased them from WholeFoods. I've had an obsession lately with cream liner in my water line so I carry this puppy with me! Its called "Rue Bonaparte" 12 hr wear. Amazing from Nars . Of course I can't forget my favorite lip combo "Plum" lip pencil from MAC with FAUX lipstick LOVE these two together . Business cards are always a must have you never know who you'll run into. Especially if my makeup is poppin people ask for cards! Be your own walking advertisement! Pacifier stays in every pocket hahah! Last but not least Honest diapers and wipes for baby Peace!!!

Thanks for tuning in this week! 

Xoxo- Fee

Fashionable Mom

As a new mom to a 3 month old, I found a love for dressing up. My style has changed a bit and I am loving the new me! This is what I call my “ laid back business” look, perfect for winter! I am wearing a long peacoat from Forever 21 (I recommend getting one size up for comfort around the shoulders.) My shoes are from TopShop, a nice trendy boot to add a touch of “sass” to the outfit. I made sure to wear my FAVORITE high waisted jeans from American Apparel. Love these pants so much especially being that I still have my postpartum tummy it holds it all in so you can stand tall and walk with confidence. Simple white V neck shirt from GAP (extremely comfy) and last but not least, simple dainty necklaces from Forever21. Hope you enjoy!!

Product Review: Uppa Baby Cruz Stroller

Love Love Love this stroller!!!

Being a new mom I had no clue what products were hot and what products were not. I have a mother-in-law who is the bomb at suggesting products. Of course she would tell you her full story of " well, you know I used to own a baby store for 15 years right?" lol she's funny.

This stroller is the Uppa Cruz, super cute and trendy. We have the yellow one which is interchangeable. This stroller can be adjusted to a full bassinet position so your baby is laying flat.  Easy to use button near the head which adjusts so the seat can sit ALL the way up to a high chair position.  just depends on what you prefer or the baby prefers. 

It comes with a super cool UV sun shade, an attachment for the rain as well as to keep bugs out. The basket at the bottom of the stroller is a pretty good size. Rides smoothly for sure! Its extremely light and also very very easy to break down and throw in your car. No hassle at all. 

* Photos By Chrispimages

* Photos By Chrispimages

Now, we also have the car seat insert. When Peace is sleeping I usually keep her in the car seat and I take out the stroller base with just attaching the car seat in it. The different parts of the strollers have the options of your baby to face you or look outward. Since Peace is a new baby, I only give her the option to face me until she is a little older. This stroller is good for new borns all the way up to toddlers. 

Get your UppaCruz here: Uppa Cruz 

Peace & Blessings 

Xoxo - Fee 

Get out and Celebrate YOU!!! #MommyMonday ......

It took everything out of me not look back this weekend while heading out on a girls trip to Vegas. Sometimes I need to let my hair done and have some fun instead of just working and trying to "figure" out life. Yes, I do too try and figure things out and than snap out of it quickly. So back to my story, I went to Vegas with my girlfriends and I was able to be Felicia again for 24 hrs. It was my first time away from baby Peace and I had to use "power of the mind" for this trip. 

I didn't realize how much I would miss her as well as my fiancé but I did pretty damn good. I also felt free of not worrying about someones diaper change or feeding. I was only in charge of myself and it felt really weird yet good. Peace had daddy daughter time and it was perfect because I was able to let them bond together without me looking over his shoulder to make sure he changed her right. Its important for us to let them bond,  really important.  

Ya know, I think its a necessity ( and I encourage) for moms to consider doing a quick get away with friends or even alone. Step away from your world for just a few days and focus on you and celebrate YOU. We forget to do that as women, and as mothers, I think a lot of women forget to just take care of themselves. We are women, we are powerful and deserve everything attainable and more. Take care of yourself and let your hair down every once in a while to recharge. Life is good, don't forget that, enjoy yourself  !!

Peace and Blessings, 

Xoxo- Fee La Tour 

Moms Supporting Moms: Freshly Picked

As moms we loveeeee us some Freshly Picked for our little ones toes! This brand is seriously the cutest ever. As we know, it isn't good for new babies to have their feet in shoes with hard soles. Freshly picked is perfect for your new babies growing foot. Cute and Cozy ! Not only do they have the cutest shoes they also have thee best purse and what I use as a makeup bag insert. The purse is really big inside with great pockets. I can see what I am digging for which is usually so annoying lol. My diaper holder fits inside along with my makeup and other nik naks. We love Freshly picked and love watching Susan grow her business! Very inspiring to see one mom fulfill her dream and move forward with determination and vision ! 

Best of Luck to you Susan and Freshly Picked Team! Thank you so much for everything!

Get yourself a pair here:

Moms Supporting Moms: Product Review: Ixchel Triangle

This weekend I was introduced to the lovely Tory Jones. She is the owner of Ixchel Triangle ! My goodness her items are the Bomb.Commmmm ! Yepp with all of those "m's" lol !

I received this super trendy diaper/wipe holder and I am so in love. I can finally take out a diaper from my purse in "style" :)What I love about it is I can toss it in my purse when I don't want to take Peaces full diaper bag with me. Also, The quality is amazing, I am a big fan of Guatemala style purses and this was right up my alley. A few fun facts on the purse are:

* Each product takes up to 3-4 weeks to weave due to the intricate design.

* Each bag is signed by the artist it was created by.

* The Mayan people of Guatemala create these bags themselves!

* Each bag purchased supports a family & children's education in Guatemala 

We love Tory and her whole movement! Oh, also, they have FANTASTIC Yoga Mat bags as well as diaper bags !!! 

Thank you Ixchel Triangle :)

Purchase Yours here: IxchelTriangle 

Peace and Blessings 

Xoxo- Fee La Tour

MommyMonday Product Review :)

Hi Mamas!! 

This weekend I was able to attend a great Mommy event! I was introduced to some really cool products and I had to make sure I came back to share with my fellow moms!!! All products have links connected to them in case you're interested in purchase. Lets get started :))

First we have "Blue Baby Bum" I recieved two items from this line and I think they are great! The first product is the car seat Blankie. The blanket is light weight but also has a really soft inside so you're able to feel it will keep your little one warm. Sometimes we have to adjust our babies to the temperature of being inside or outside depending on if its cold or warm. The good thing is, this blanket makes it possible for you to roll up at the babies feet without having to worry about "what do I do with this blanket since the baby isn't needing it right now." 

The next product from the same line is the carseat cover. Usually us moms put a blanket over our little ones stroller especially if the baby is new. This cover has a velcro latch so you are able to strap it onto the car seat without worrying about it coming off, or blown off by the wind. This was an issue for me actually so once I saw this product I liked the idea behind it. We go to a lot of outdoor events and Peace falls asleep sometimes so I like to cover her with this and she has her own little cozy space!! 

Be sure to check Blue Baby Bum out by clicking on the item below: 

Car Seat Cover    Stroller Blanket 


Enjoy !!

Xoxo- Peace & Blessings




What a great year 2014 was !!! A year of learning while pressing forward towards goals. I think 2014 helped me in a sense of having clearer visions for myself. No more foggy visions, which means I am only getting closer to the goals I am striving to accomplish. One thing I swear by is a vision board. I use my vision board to keep me on track to what it is I am trying to accomplish. You can use it for short term goals or long term goals. What I usually recommend is start with short term goals so that you don't feel overwhelmed. Watch the Video and I will explain to you how to create your vision board for the year of 2015!!!

Happy New Year LoveLights !!

Xoxo- Fee La Tour 

Moms Supporting Moms: Product Review (Small Business)

I love supporting & being a working mom! My mom was a hard worker so to be able to help other moms that are working hard is fun & energizing. I have two brands I want to share with you. Both are mom's who are passionate about their hand crafted products which are fantastic!

First let me introduce you to "The Balm Company". My good friend Alex Elle is an author, speaker, and natural mama. With the help and inspiration from her daughter Char, Alex decided to create an all natural,handmade,VEGAN product line for the body. I am obsessed with all of the products I received. I love the fact that it is organic because I am really big on using products that are organic ONLY as well as for baby Peace. My favorite is ummmmm everything lol. I love the  lip balm, flower oil, and Baby Bump. All smell amazing and Im actually using the Baby Bump for my stretch marks after having Peace. Keeps my skin hydrated. There is coconut oil in the ingredient and it does have to be placed in the microwave for about 1 min to become looser to your liking. When using pure coconut oil you will notice it is hard so keep this in mind. Thanks so much Alex & Char !!! Get your product here : TheBalmCo Be sure to visit them on Instagram as well : @TheBalmCo 

Next, I want to introduce you to Chompy Chic Jewlery! This is another great product from a fellow mom that knows babies needs. Ok, Ive seen several teething toys but a Peace sign for baby Peace to chew on is too cute! Peace has nothing that contains BPA so being that these tethers are BPA FREE made me happy. They have these little wooden beads on the teething toy and I was a little concerned because I didn't want her sucking on wood but once I found out they are coated in organic Beeswax that made me happy. Peace is only 3 1/2 months and is already going through teething so she tries her best to put the toy in her mouth lol. We love your product Sonia and wish you the best of luck on your venture ! Take one to your next baby shower as a gift or get one for your baby here: ChompyChic 


Peace & blessings

Xoxo - Fee La Tour 

Why are you getting me vaccinated mommy?

One of the hardest decision was deciding to get Peace vaccinated or not. I would go back and fourth within my thoughts like a ping pong ball trying to make the "right" decision.  "What if I vaccinate her and something goes wrong?" or "What if everything goes completely right?" So many questions going through my brain it was overwhelming. 

As a parent, all we want to do is try and make the right choices for our children. We want to  be perfect in an imperfect world. Realistically there is no such thing. The night before me taking Peace to her doctors appointment, I researched until about 4am. During my pregnancy I spoke to my OBGYN about her opinion as well as other moms that I trusted. One thing I noticed is some mothers force their opinion on you. Most with a one sided answer which isn't easy on new moms trying to make a hard decision.  Other kids and people do carry around sicknesses that can lead to death being that our babies are so small. I didn't want to take that risk. I also didn't want to deal with schools having an issue because she wasn't vaccinated. I went with what felt right and what spoke to me. 

I decided to go through with the vaccinations. I made the decision off of faith and intuition. Everyone will give you their opinion but at the end of the day it comes down to your decision. Its your child and you have to learn to listen to your decrement within. I am an organic advocate lol. Peace uses organic EVERYTHING and I have no problem with being the OCD mom. I went through with the vaccines because I wasn't willing to have my child be exposed to the risks of not having her vaccinated (sickness etc.) It doesn't make sense to me to inject a fresh human body with chemicals but when you add the fact that the world DOES have diseases and sicknesses floating around, you might look at it differently. 

When its all said and done, pray, ask those whom you trust for their opinion, talk to a doctor and weight out the pros and cons. FAITH is what had me move forward with my decision and Peace is as healthy and happy as can be!


I don't believe in giving her OR myself the flu shot and I do believe in spreading out vaccines so it doesn't overwhelm their little bodies. 


Peace & Blessings

XoXo- Fee La Tour