Don't ever forget about YOU!

This is a message for anyone and everyone. It can relate to someone in a relationship, someone with children, anyone who LOVES. I had a wake up call from God the other day and I couldn't have asked for a better wake up call. My life right now is very different than what it was a year ago. It is very calm and sometimes that calmness can be confusing. I am 24 years old and have done a lot with my life but now that it is calm I noticed myself investing my energy into everything BUT myself. My daughter, fiancé, blog followers, everyone but me. Hmmmm, now how is it that I forgot about me? Somewhere along the way, idk where, well I'm guessing when I took on the roll as a mother I forgot about myself. Now, this is a common mistake a lot of us woman do and the reason I said I am so thankful is because I was able to catch it quickly and make a change. Life is a lot about balance. It is a lot about working on yourself so that you can operate at your highest potential as well as love people better and help people. There is no possible way to fully help others before yourself. Someone once told me this great analogy;

" If you're in an airplane and the plane is going down, are you going to put on your daughters mask first or yours?" My response was " hers!" In my mind I'm like " duhhhh". She said " No, you would put on your own first  because what help are you if you your daughter survives and you don't? Who's going to take care of her? you have to help yourself so that you can help her." 

That was so powerful, something I never let go of. We go through things in life and I am a believer in having faith and looking at every situation as a positive even if it seems like there is no light at the end of the tunnel. Never love someone more than you love yourself, when doing so, you rely on that person to keep you happy and if they disappoint you or are no longer around your world is crushed. Don't give anyone or anything that much power over your emotions. 

I made a decision to steal back me. All of me until I am ready. I want to give and operate at my highest potential and nothing less. If I am able to do this, I am way more creative, I have more to give, I can hear Gods voice clearly, I am in control of my own happiness and will never let someone else have the driver seat besides myself. When you love yourself, the universe will love you right back and you will see beautiful things come to fruition . " Do YOU boo." :) 

Xo - Fee

DIY: Glitter Vase

If you know me, you know I love to do arts and crafts and can get real creative when in my zone. This is a project for anyone! The impatient mom who is waiting to hit 40weeks ( put a mask on. ) Or even the mom who has some down time while the little one naps. I mean, you don't even really have to have kids I just recommend this for moms because its a way for us to be able to have a little fun moment to ourselves. Make this with your girlfriends or even for your desk at work, the list goes on! Click play and lets get started. 


A few things in the video I want you to know:

- I used 2 layers of spray paint, the first layer I let dry for about a minute before applying the second layer. Keep in mind, holding the spray paint far away from Mason Jar will help it have even coats without dripping spots. 

- I worked fast when putting on the glue so that it didn't dry before applying the glitter. 

- I let the glitter/glue dry for about 30 minutes before putting flowers inside. 


(I purchased everything from Joan's Art store)

* Kyrlon- Metallic Spray Paint

* Mason Jar (Large size)

* Mod Podge (Glossy)

* Gold Glitter ( Any brand, I like the the thicker pieces of glitter)

* Paint Brush

* Fresh Flowers :) 



Xoxo- Fee

( Leave comments on my instagram to let me know what you think as well as put in requests for more cool DIY) 

Peace of Mind for Moms

Peace of mind for a mom :

As a mother, a new mother, peace of mind and balance is probably one of the things I am personally struggling with until today. I'm sure other moms feel the same way I feel, like the only one trying to find balance/quiet time. 

My little family just moved into a new home and I'm loving it! Work is kind of slow but I use that as an opportunity to create other things in my life which build towards the future. Also using this as time to spend with Peace. Recently I became a vegan ( which I will be sharing in a separate post) but I went vegan to tap into a higher power of myself within myself. I was seeking clarity. Clarity for steps towards my future but proper, diligent steps. 

With that being said, I notice my life shifting, everything is shifting. It is sometimes really crazy to think about but I know it is for a great reason. Not only are the people in my life shifting, but work and my aspirations are shifting drastically. I am extremely creative, which is a blessing and a curse. Sometimes too creative that it drives me crazy lol. With all of these shifts going on in my life I started to feel a bit loopy(crazy). I frantically organized the house today and finished unpacking the last couple of boxes so that I could get the vibes going within the new house. 

Oh yea, I forgot to mention, Peace is teething so finding balance seemed almost impossible lol. Like I was saying, I organized the house, lite my candles and nag Champa and told myself to listen to the voice that kept telling me "meditate, be still, don't be hard on yourself, meditate." 

As a mother, it's hard for us to get that quiet time and the chance to turn everything off. So as soon as I put Peace to bed, I turned off the lights quickly and turned on my meditation music and sat in the vibe for 20 minutes. Man oh man, what a weight off my shoulders. Just feeling calm and at Peace. 

I say all of this to encourage us mothers to make sure we are taking care of ourselves. Make sure we make quiet time for ourselves so we can be better parents and we can also have patience for our little ones. Being the best person we can be. Not even the best mother because before we were mothers we were people, our own individual and we can't forget that. We have to make that person so powerful. The world will break you down but God made us women for a reason. We are the back bone. So keep in mind mamas, take time for yourself and turn everything off. Treat yourself to the gift of stillness.

Peace and Blessings
Xoxo- Fee

Russell Madness Movie Screening ....

Peace and I recently attended the private screening of "Russell Madness" at FOX Studios!!!! We were able to meet a very talented monkey and dog which were both stars of the movie. One thing I love about the film is the fact that they show the power of loyalty and strength within a family unit. They show unity and teamwork. I think the world is going to really like this movie and I do recommend parents watching this with their kids/family :) You can actually purchase the movie below;

Russell Madness  

Check out this little video we created at the pre-screening event :) 

Product Review: Lily-Jade (Diaper bag)

Recently I received an amazing handbag/diaper bag! Meet Lily-Jade! There are several things I love about this bag!

Ok so to start out, I am not a big purse/diaper bag person, BUT I love the fact that Peace and I can share this bag together and still be in style. Helping me save space and not have to bring two bags everywhere we go. That gets annoying ugh lol .... Ok moving on, the POCKETS! Whenever I look for a diaper bag I always look for pockets! This bag is super cool because it has this whole insert that clips in and out of the bag that is filled with pockets. There are at least a dozen pockets on the whole bag, I love it! Great to use for little things so that literally everything in your bag has its place. I use the front portion for my stuff and Peace gets the inside! Oh, did I mention it comes with a handy changing pad? Bomb.Com !!! Thank you so much Lily-Jade ! I recommend this bag to anyone with a baby or soon to be mamas. The quality of the bag is fantastic! Very heavy duty and will last you a while. If you ever want to use it for a purse or carry on bag you have the option of converting it into a  purse just for you mom! 

Click the Link for purchase and the inside of the bag :) Lily-Jade.Com

Sitting Still & Silent .....

As a woman, I am growing rapidly. As a mother, artist and human being I am growing very quickly.  I am learning to let my wings open wide and fly. Right now I am at a point of silence. I believe in the power of not speaking but simply sitting still and learning. I know for myself I want to forever grown and be a student to the world and God. I want to soar fearlessly and constantly challenge myself. As some of you know I've decided to do just that. I asked myself the other day "whats next?" Whats a way for me to step it up and challenge myself. I heard God say "go vegan and workout." I also heard him say to stay still and become a student while doing so. I love to feed people around me by inspiring them to choose a healthy happy way of living. I understand that I have to sometimes take time for myself to feel up all the energy I gave out. Meaning, refreshing my mind, body, spirit, so that I am able to come back stronger and better with more wisdom to share. For the month of February I won't be updating my blog because I just need time to gain more insight from the spirit. Gaining wisdom and knowledge from the spirit takes discipline, focus, courage, and I have to keep still. Since having my daughter, well even while I was pregnant, I haven't  had a "sit still" moment. For Christ sakes Beyoncé has "sit still" moments lol. My spirit needs a little rejuvenation and I know I will have AMAZING things for you guys in March. I am going ALL Vegan, detoxing my body completely, working out daily, and spending my free time with my daughter. I will be writing a lot, reading a lot, and being with nature daily. I am really excited and this takes a lot of courage for me to step away but I will be back! Love you guys!!! Thank you for supporting me in my journey... See you in March .....



Trust the little voice within yourself ...... Thats your intuition which is attached to your spirit and it can never lead you wrong .... 



This is my first give away and I am so excited! Just a simple give back to all of the FeeLove supporters! I am giving away some great products than I think you will enjoy! from brands like:

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( Easy right? )

Best of Luck to you!! 

Xoxo - Fee 


Must Haves !!!

Happy Monday Everyone !!!!

Ok so these are some things I can NOT live without !!! Lets start from left to right. Hopefully something here interests you ....

First and foremost how could I live without my computer !? I mean I have to communicate with you guys so its definitely a must have! I have a super cute glitter case on it from my good friend Bri <- Click on her name to see all her cases! I have my IT Cosmetics CC+ cream, idk how I ever survived without this! It makes my skin so much more healthier but still covers very well ! Tarte Gifted mascara one of my FAVS ! The little green bullet is a new thing I was introduced to from my cousin Ryane. Its an essential oil called Young Living, this one in particular is called stress away. You rub it on your wrist and it is an all natural substance that calms you and the stress you are carrying. GREAT product!!! Omega Woman vitamins ! Postpartum mamas this is for us ! I was having trouble with getting my emotions and hormones in balance right after having Peace. I noticed I was becoming depressed. I went into whole foods to find something that was all natural and I cam across these. Fish oil pills that actually help! They also make your skin look FLAWLESS! I recommend these to all woman who have problems emotionally which has to do with hormones! These saved my life and are all natural! I purchased them from WholeFoods. I've had an obsession lately with cream liner in my water line so I carry this puppy with me! Its called "Rue Bonaparte" 12 hr wear. Amazing from Nars . Of course I can't forget my favorite lip combo "Plum" lip pencil from MAC with FAUX lipstick LOVE these two together . Business cards are always a must have you never know who you'll run into. Especially if my makeup is poppin people ask for cards! Be your own walking advertisement! Pacifier stays in every pocket hahah! Last but not least Honest diapers and wipes for baby Peace!!!

Thanks for tuning in this week! 

Xoxo- Fee

Fashionable Mom

As a new mom to a 3 month old, I found a love for dressing up. My style has changed a bit and I am loving the new me! This is what I call my “ laid back business” look, perfect for winter! I am wearing a long peacoat from Forever 21 (I recommend getting one size up for comfort around the shoulders.) My shoes are from TopShop, a nice trendy boot to add a touch of “sass” to the outfit. I made sure to wear my FAVORITE high waisted jeans from American Apparel. Love these pants so much especially being that I still have my postpartum tummy it holds it all in so you can stand tall and walk with confidence. Simple white V neck shirt from GAP (extremely comfy) and last but not least, simple dainty necklaces from Forever21. Hope you enjoy!!