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The highs and lows 2 weeks + after giving birth

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As I sit and stare at my little seed while she breast feeds I think about all the changes being a mom comes with . Get up and go ? Forget about it ! Procrastinate about getting out of bed in the morning ? Forget about it ! Relaxing and eating a meal ? Oh thats out the window too .

Many blessings come with having a baby but naturally for myself I think there are also some hardships. Lessons to be learned and I can ether take the lessons or  freak out which I have caught myself doing .

When I say lessons , I am meaning more towards emotional lessons.  My hormones are on an all time high . One minute I'm ok , feeling happy and just my normal self , the next minute I'm freaking crying and trying to find something to scream at my fiancé about . Ahhhh its frustrating . This is the part of life where I believe I am suppose to take allll the knowledge I have read in books over the years and apply " power of the mind ." The biggest struggle for me has been my mental state of mind and keeping it strong . I am a very emotional person, I'm sensitive as well as over think ALOT lol . I am ok with this because it is just who I am but just imagine what gear it kicks into once I'm on a hormonal kick ? lol YIKES ( run if you can ) !!!

On top of being emotional , I also have my days where I look at my body and kinddddd of freak out because it looks like it belongs to another person . All squishy and loose ughh , I am being taught patience in this part because I can't expect to snap back realistically in 2 short weeks . See , thats a perfect example of over thinking lol . I am doing everything I can at this moment but it is a little bothersome when I can't get back into the swing of things because my body which held my baby for 9 months is not healed from within yet . My health is more important then my appearance . I get it . I'm 23 , I need a moment lol . 

One thing that I got right after delivery was carpal tunnel  . This has been the most frustrating part . It hurts very bad in the middle of the night when the baby cries and I have to get up to feed her I have to be careful I don't drop her . My Doctor says this is normal but I've been wearing wrist guards to try and keep the aching away . Just imagine , a new mom , carpal tunnel , trying to pick up her baby with wrist guards that won't allow me to bend my wrists so I'm tapping my fiancés shoulder in the middle of the night begging for help when all I want to do is feel normal . This is when I just pray for healing because it seems thats the only thing that keeps me hopeful . 

Thanks for letting me vent , life isn't always perfect but I try my best to keep a positive mind and venting about it is helpful. I know I'm not the only one ! Feel free to share some things you moms did to keep a positive mind while going through this life transition :)


Peace & Blessings 

XoXo- Fee La Tour