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Someone recently said they are having a hard time with taking their baby off of the boob and onto a pacifier to sleep . Geez , I couldn't imagine having to pull my boob out each time my little one needed something to suck on . Ouch . !!! 

Babies naturally have a sucking urge for survival. They want to constantly suck suck suck which sometimes leads us to thumb suckers . My little one sucked her thumb for the first time the other day and I have to say I snatched it out quickly and realized she needed a pacifier . I was a thumb sucker and my gosh I needed hot sauce to get me to stop sucking it . 

When I was in the hospital I was told that they don't like when you give a baby breast milk in a bottle because of nipple confusion . Hmmmm I don't agree with that . What about when you leave the baby with a sitter and she needs to be fed ? Or what about the dad wanting to bond and feed baby ? I believe the trick is getting a bottle the mimics the nipples form so you don't run into this problem . 

My mother in law is a genius when it comes to baby stuff and she got me " Como Tomo Babby Bottle " , hygienic silicone bottles . These are not only cute but they feel like a boob and my daughter probably doesn't even know the difference . They are a bit pricey but so worth it because sometimes you want to pump and have the hubby feed her. We purchased these from RightStart.Com , if you don't have one near your house , order online :) 

Another brand of bottles she likes that are a bit cheaper are Avent bottles. This is the same brand pacifier she likes as well because it also mimics the nipple . I purchased these at Target and I got the large pack that comes with 5 bottles , soothie , storage container , and bottle cleaner. Worth every penny because she uses it all. Their soothies are the 

I hope this review helps mom as I needed help !!! Enjoy :) Remember to get BPA free :) 

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