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How was your delivery ?

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What inspires me most about posting topics around my pregnancy and becoming a new mom is the fact that when I was going through these things I didn't have an exact website I would visit but I always wanted to know other peoples experiences . I wish I could of found a support group during my pregnancy but I wanted a group that was around my age which I find kind of uncommon. My instagram is where I was able to get feedback from other moms etc. 

The day of labor , hmmmmm where do I begin lol !!! I woke up on September 25th and felt minor contractions . I automatically thought Braxton hicks , false alarm . As the day went on my body told me very calmly, " today , you're going to have your baby ." I took a shower and got ready for the day , staying alert to any " pre labor " signs . I crawled into my bed and began realizing I was having contractions . What saved me from knowing if I was in labor or not was the fact that my fiancé and I took labor & delivery classes . I was aware of the timing method so I began timing my contractions . " 7 minutes apart , lasting 1 minute , we're getting somewhere !" I told myself this after noticing consistency . 

An hr passes and I notice I am now 3 minutes apart and still lasting a minute . I got to the bathroom and BOOM , Mucus plug falls out . Now for some reason , people around me were more paranoid than I was lol.. I wanted to stay home as long as possible so by the time I went in they wouldn't discharge me and say the famous lines " come back later after a long walk to get you dilated more . " 

We arrived at the hospital and I was only 2cm dilated , I was told to go on a walk ( of course) and come back in one hr. Within that hr , my contractions were getting reallllllly strong but not strong enough I guess . I was checked again and was still at only 2 cm so they sent me home . Within leaving the hospital and taking a hot bath to ease the tension , I was in PAIN ! Pain that I can't even begin to explain besides the fact of feeling like you have to poop out a bowling ball !  We headed back to the hospital after I was throwing up due to the pain . I was checked and already at 5 cm . Keep in mind , this is all in a span of 40 min so you can imagine how quickly my body is changing. 

Once I get to the hospital , I am asked if I wanted an epidural . Now , I was ALL for going " natural " and being a big bad wolf who took the pain . You get no reward for it . Why go through all that torture when you can relax and feel nothing lol . I wanted to go natural but once I got that epidural at 7cm , I was thankful because my body pushed out a 8.11 ounce baby ! Thank GOD I chose the route I did because I probably would've passed out lol !!! 

So at this point , I have the epidural . I'm feeling real good and I'm pressing that epidural button like it is going out of style lol . I didn't want to feel that pain again ! I was able to take a nap and everything before giving birth so luckily  I had that energy when it came time to push . I was in labor for only 12 hrs but was in the hospital for about 7 hrs and the other half was  spent at home being as comfortable as possible . 

When It came time to push , I did it in about 7 contractions and she was out . I had an amazing doctor and nurses who made the experience great ! You could only imagine the joy I felt when her little body touched mine and I heard her cry . My fiancé and I were so amazed at what God helped us create . I love being a mom so much ! I get to love on someone all day long and help them with whatever they need . It truly is a blessing that nothing can compare to !!!

Lets hear your story on delivery :) Share in the comment section below !

Peace & Blessings 

Xoxo - Fee La Tour