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Welcome to Fairfax Premiere

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                                     Watch Trailer & First episode HERE : 





At this point in my life , I have learned the importance of not announcing every single thing you're working on until it is done & complete . With that being said I can now speak on what I have been working on my whole entire pregnancy . 

Welcome to Fairfax is a show about young hustlers just trying to make their dreams happen on the streets of Fairfax or outside of Fairfax in some cases . We all have a dream and we are all trying to change the world with whatever we can contribute . 

Most of the time I am very private with my personal life . I don't let a lot of people in but I am always an open book if asked . You will see me trying to find balance between my career as well as preparing to be a mother with ambition .You will see me in the light of my artistry , FeeLove Positivity movement & my family life.   My family life is something that is very deep to me and I haven't told many people about it until now . I chose to speak on it because it has made me the strong person I am today . I keep a smile on majority of the time but let me tell you I've been through some shit as we all have . 

PIVOT is a new network with a bunch of dope , genuine content ! Be sure to have the record button on just in case you're out at the club Friday night :) haha ... 


Thank You to everyone who supports me and my walk in life !!! 


Peace & Blessings 

Xoxo - Fee La Tour