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Determination of a Soul

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As I sit here in meditation something tells me to stop and write so I am . Meditation isn't always sitting in silence , it can be whatever puts your mind at ease and calms you . I guess today the spirit is telling me to express my thoughts via blog post . 

Have you ever been so determined in life to reach certain goals that you just can't give up ? No matter what ? I think before having Peace I was determined but not as much as I am now . I was almost a "care free " determined person . Kind of lesurely working towards my goals without FULL tunnel vision.  I had goals and dreams and I worked towards them but I always knew there was room for improvement . I believed in my goals but not as much as I do to this day . The hunger is different . The goals are different.  Its as if I had a child and all those " goals " I had for myself simplified themselves and some were eliminated because my spirit was being pushed to greater ideas that were brand new and hand more soul substance .

I grew up with my mom working a lot so it was important for me to be a mom who was able to work and still have my baby girl on my hip . I want her to be able to see the world from my point of view even though she is her own individual . The life I want is a life of traveling , inspiring people , happy faces and instilling hope into those who seemed to have lost it . Bringing my daughter for that ride is my biggest dream . Ha ! How cool , while expressing myself I just pulled out my biggest dream . See what happens when you let the spirit guide you for the day ? 

I want Peace to be able to see all the things I wasn't able to see , I want her to experience different ways of life from other cultures . I want her to know " the world is big ! Live big ! Dream big ! Never limit your mind & power baby girl ! Don't be scared of the world , its yours !" I want her to have no fear , I want her to challenge herself and her beliefs so that she can grow and her spirit be free. All of a sudden , my life and thoughts did an even bigger turn around . 

I've always been a very passionate person in expressing myself but now it seems as if life is masking sense . I'm not banging my head against a wall trying to figure it out . I have my goal at hand and I know what I want . Yea it would be cool to have this amazing movie role and be on the cover of a strong woman's magazine but I believe those things are going to happen while keeping my eyes focused on my main goal . Baby Peace , my motivation , my determination . My job is to teach her the best way that I know how . Not listening to other peoples experiences too much because I understand not everyone is the same and this is between God & I . 

I'm writing this in all to say , go after whatever it is you want . If you feel in your heart you're suppose to do something than do it ! Try everything ! You have to fall down to get back up . Don't be fearful of trying because that is how we grow. If you try and don't like it , at least you have the freedom and peace of mind of " welp , at least I tried " . God is so good and if you work hard and be consistent and believe with all of your heart that your hearts desires will come true , THEY WILL !!! We go through things in life and sometimes it shakes us up and we tend to freak out . I'm learning to embrace change even though it was scary to always do so . BELIEVE everything is working for your better and God IS on your side !!! Dream big and know that all humans are equal . Tap into your ability to be powerful and embrace the power we were all born with . Last but not least , stay inspired , be the change you want to see and everything and everyone else will follow . 

"LISTEN TO YOUR HEART , IT WILL NEVER LET YOU DOWN " - Don BloomField ( My acting coach) 

Peace & Blessings ....

Xoxo- Felicia La Tour