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Breast Feeding

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Such a sensitive topic for the mothers who do breast feed and those who are against them doing it in public . In this post I am going to explain my perspective, from my world . This is how I feel and I don't believe there is a right or wrong answer . Everything in life is perspective so just hear me out ....

Lets look at the animals of the earth . Gorilla , Dog , Bear , the list goes on . Oh wait , I forgot to add humans . What people fail to understand is that we are just like those other animals . We just have a lot more abilities obviously . When people think it is " gross " to breast feed or see it and get freaked out / uncomfortable , I get it , I really do . It isn't " normal " because its not everyday you see a mom take out her boob to feed her baby . THIS IS A NATURAL THING . 100 % natural in my opinion . Those other animals do it and we have no complaints . We actually think its cute when they do it . Its amazing that I am able to produce milk from my body some way some how and feed my daughter . Its amazing that my body / boobs tell me when she is hungry before I even hear her cry . As women , we are like a machine to our new borns . We feed them all we have . 

We pump bottles and feed almost close to a dozen times ( if you're a working mom ) a day . Sometimes your body doesn't produce enough milk when you want it to and you have no choice but to be patient with it . Oh wait , how did I forget the part about your boobs leaking ? Oh gosh , when you wait too long before feeding/pumping for your little one , your boobs leak through your shirt , ughh , cute right ? lol its realllllly annoying waking up with a soaking wet shirt lol .

Sometimes its almost easier to take your boob out and let baby chow down . You want to naturally help your baby when she's crying. Sometimes getting up in the middle of dinner to feed her because you have no more bottles is a bit annoying. You want to just say F it and whip it out . A mother isn't intentionally trying to make people around her feel uncomfortable , we are just trying to sooth our babies . We are a species that is afraid of our own natural way of receiving food . Women show  their boobs in magazines , on instagram , in movies , but as soon as a mother shows her boob in one of the most beautiful forms everyone freaks out . Hmmm sounds backwards to me . I think if we should chang our outlook as mankind and instead of thinking " Yuck ! get a room ! " we should think " she's feeding her hungry baby." 

I am a proud breastfeeding mom . I don't pull my boob out in public because I have a fiancé who doesn't tolerate that lol . If I could , I would because it is easier and Im not worried about anyone else and their opinion on how I feed my healthy ass baby lol. There are several things Im sure we all do that we can pass judgement on but this topic I think deserves a pass . I say we work on changing our perceptive and realize we mean no harm we just want baby to stop crying and we want to feel accepted by our own kind instead of frowned upon . 

" If you got it flaunt it .... " Ha. 

Peace & Blessings 

Xoxo - Felicia La Tour