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Getting in Shape after a baby ... UGH !

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Welllll my doctor said " Felicia , make sure you stay within the 25-30 lb. weight gain bracket . Pssss who was she fooling ? I gained a full 50 LBS. YIKES ! So much for staying within my bracket Dr. Patterson lol. I knew I was going to have work to do to get back to what I was before the baby if not close. I browsed through photos of me before the pregnancy and I was so skinny I almost feel like I looked sick lol . 5'8 & 128 lbs. Eghh too small . 

One thing about having a baby is you literally turn into another women . All of the sudden I have a big O'L booty  & hips . Looking back in the mirror like " danggggg girl ! " haha ! Only problem is mama needs some tightening & lifting . I'm a very busy person so I have to eat right as well as do exercises at home . I am slowly but surely getting back into working out but eating right is the 1st factor .

I am on a no carb diet until I lose the weight I desire which I have lost 38lbs. of the 50 so I am making LOTS of progress . I am drinking a lot of water and staying away from sugar drinks . Eating clean is something I am focusing on and just trying to get back into the swing of things . My workout routine is simple for right now . 

250 Abs, 50 Push Ups, 60 day squat challenge, 100 lunges . This week I am adding cardio which is including running & Yoga . As you can see , I use my newborn for a weight . She is with me all the time so I figured she can help me with getting back into shape . I mean , she did help me gain 50 lbs. lol . 

I am excited to share this workout challenge with you ladies and hope some of you moms join me in this journey ! Lets keep one another accountable and lose this baby weight ! 


Peace & Blessings 

XoXo- Fee La Tour