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Sade inspired photo

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Queen & Baby Queen

Queen & Baby Queen

Of course I had to add my baby in the photo but I had to try and recreate it in my own way ... Being a mom is something special. It's a very powerful task but very chaotic at times . It's important for us as mothers to stand firm on peace and relaxation for our babies. We are all one. We feed off one another's energy. Stay grounded and keep a clear vision of peace within your mind , body , & soul. When the world is going crazy , stay calm , when the baby is screaming , stay calm , when work sucks , stay calm. As you can see in this photo. Focused & Calm. Life can be tough sometimes but look on the bright side , you get another day to make it a more peaceful world , starting with yourself . Thank you @j3collection for helping me bring this to life. 

Peace & Blessings my spirit family 🙏💕. #FeeLove #J3Collections #PositiveVibesOnly