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Why are you getting me vaccinated mommy?

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One of the hardest decision was deciding to get Peace vaccinated or not. I would go back and fourth within my thoughts like a ping pong ball trying to make the "right" decision.  "What if I vaccinate her and something goes wrong?" or "What if everything goes completely right?" So many questions going through my brain it was overwhelming. 

As a parent, all we want to do is try and make the right choices for our children. We want to  be perfect in an imperfect world. Realistically there is no such thing. The night before me taking Peace to her doctors appointment, I researched until about 4am. During my pregnancy I spoke to my OBGYN about her opinion as well as other moms that I trusted. One thing I noticed is some mothers force their opinion on you. Most with a one sided answer which isn't easy on new moms trying to make a hard decision.  Other kids and people do carry around sicknesses that can lead to death being that our babies are so small. I didn't want to take that risk. I also didn't want to deal with schools having an issue because she wasn't vaccinated. I went with what felt right and what spoke to me. 

I decided to go through with the vaccinations. I made the decision off of faith and intuition. Everyone will give you their opinion but at the end of the day it comes down to your decision. Its your child and you have to learn to listen to your decrement within. I am an organic advocate lol. Peace uses organic EVERYTHING and I have no problem with being the OCD mom. I went through with the vaccines because I wasn't willing to have my child be exposed to the risks of not having her vaccinated (sickness etc.) It doesn't make sense to me to inject a fresh human body with chemicals but when you add the fact that the world DOES have diseases and sicknesses floating around, you might look at it differently. 

When its all said and done, pray, ask those whom you trust for their opinion, talk to a doctor and weight out the pros and cons. FAITH is what had me move forward with my decision and Peace is as healthy and happy as can be!


I don't believe in giving her OR myself the flu shot and I do believe in spreading out vaccines so it doesn't overwhelm their little bodies. 


Peace & Blessings

XoXo- Fee La Tour