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Manifesting GREATNESS : Jhenè Aiko story

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I had to share this story with you guys ! This is something that can affect everyone being that it is a motivational / inspirational thing that can give you hope and perseverance . 

At 7 months pregnant I remember driving down the street and having this random feeling . I called my fiancé and said " Babe , I am going to do Jhenè Aiko's makeup . I know that my hand can create what she wants and I think she will appreciate my artistry / style ." I claimed it and moved on with my day . 

Now ,  a lot of people don't know this but I was in a makeup funk of not wanting to be an artist anymore . I wanted to just curl up in a ball and throw my brushes to the waste side . I was wanting something more and wanted to give up . Well they tell you when you feel like giving up , KEEP GOING ! Usually its the " enemy " trying to make it to where you can't receive your blessing . I stood strong , I would call my sister and cry and tell her I want to quit and just go back to school . I am mentally & physically tired and I want to be left alone . With that being said , I would still go out and bless people with feeling beautiful and exchange energy because my spirit wouldn't allow me to stop . Something was whispering " keep going , its not over ..." 

Hanging on when you feel you've given your all is sometimes very draining . If you hear that little voice encouraging you , I encourage you to keep on going like its suggesting . I continued to hang on and the unimaginable happened . That thing that was telling me to hang on was for a reason. I get a phone call from Jhenès team and they wanted me to do makeup for her music video . I looked at my phone and laughed because I remember about 5 months prior I was saying I want to work with this soul ! Not only is she talented but her spirit , her spirit is AWAKE and alert . A lot of people can understand what I mean by that and others may think I am speaking another language lol . 

The day comes where I have to do her makeup and I wasn't nervous , I knew I was suppose to be there and I knew my spirit was comfortable and ready to express itself . We exchange energy and I tell her the same story that I am sharing with you and she laughs . We keep working on more projects and creating . Last  night , as I was getting her ready for her show in Los Angeles , CA . I was excited and just kept playing that moment when I called my fiancé and claimed what I wanted and what my soul was trying to tell me . 

I am looking at this soul on stage perform and express herself with a crowd full of people who are able to relate and exchange feelings , emotions , and energy . Her band plays their instruments doing their souls purpose and everyone is vibe'n'.   As I look up at her perform I can't help but tell God " thank you " very softly under my breath . Working closely with someone who knows them self and they touch so many souls on a spiritual level is an amazing thing . 

I am sharingl this in hopes to inspire someone . ANYTHING is achievable , but you have to be willing to take risks & hustle extremely hard . My social life comes 4th in line to everything . You can ask all my friends , they know that my work is my everything along with my family and they respect it . It takes sacrifice and perseverance with a whole lot of powerful prayers and thinking clearly / positive. Its not a trend , its a lifestyle that I encourage everyone to take part of . There is power in working on yourself and bringing to life all your dreams . You HAVE to start with working on who you are as a person . Thats how the game goes . Doing makeup , I get to make people feel pretty but I love doing makeup to meet other spirits , thats what keeps me inspired . Its a blessing and I am forever grateful for this life journey I am on . 

Thank you to everyone who supports me & Thank you Jhenè & her team ! 

Peace & Blessings 

Xoxo - Fee La Tour