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Tutorial Tuesday !!!

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Todays Tutorial release is all about eyebrows !! My favoriteeeee thing to do makeup wise ! Eyebrows are the most important part of the face because it frames everything . Now I know brows are in trend BUT a lot of us need help with them ! Some over fill or over carve out our brows and it doesn't look natural . My youtube will show you two seperate ways to do your eyebrows so its customized to each person. When I'm doing makeup I never do my clients eyebrows the same being each client has their own style and its important to me to customize their look at all times.  A big tip before starting your eyebrows is MAKE SURE THEY ARE WELL GROOMED ! I request all of my clients to do this . The more out of control they are the more makeup we have to apply to hide that fact . I personally love getting my eyebrows threaded and some love to get them waxed. Please ladies DO NOT OVER PLUCK ! I've had sooooo many clients that wish they would've never over plucked their eyebrows and now have very thin eyebrows and no shape. Follow along with this tutorial and change your whole eyebrow game ! Tell a friend as well :)

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