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The Spell of Society & Media -

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Its very interesting to think about the fact that we are all under a " spell" ruled by society . In life we start out as young children who just simply live . We go to elementary school and suddenly we're grown up . Middle school comes, and we feel a transition happening . The transition of learning things outside of our households. We continue on to  high school and BOOM we forgot who we are. To an extent. We take on habits of our peers and we try to fit in. We follow trend and just want to fit in with the crowd. As adults we are now stuck between a rock and a hard place because we don't fully understand ourselves . We have no idea what the heck we are doing , what the heck we want to do , and who the heck  we are ! We're searching for satisfaction somewhere other than inside of ourselves. We over think everything , assume and take everything people do or say personally. How did this all happen ? How did we forget to be child like ? Why did we lose ourselves so ? How do we get back to that "simple" frame of mind ? Once  adults , we see what life is really about. We see that society and the media form our way of thinking. We see that we don't necessarily believe in everything our parents or the pastors told us.We begin to form our own beliefs.  Wondering " why didn't I learn this in school? " We want answers and we want them now ! We soon realize we are under a spell of society . Society tells you that there isn't enough for everyone , go to college or you won't be successful , you aren't  skinny enough , watch the news to keep up with the  world ( not to mention the news is about 90% NEGATIVE) . Always freaking us out and has our mind all twisted . We have to find a way back to this place of balance , back to this place of loving us and being in tune with ourselves as well as one another . If you crave consciousness like myself you will be released . I had to wake up and step into reality . I was being controlled by the news , by doubt , by fear , by SOCIETY. I read a lot of books , I had to let a lot of friends go that didn't understand me, I had to learn discipline . Discipline to be child like all over again. I had to practice not caring what society thought about me and my ways . I had to learn to love myself and my dreams so much that know one else's opinion could shake me . I had to not be scared of the " recession " . I had to learn to be free and only accept / believe in the good . In about 2 years of practicing and transitioning I finally became free of the way society trains us . I don't believe in taking medicine , I don't believe in watching the news , I don't believe in bad . I had to train myself to have a positive mind frame as much as possible . I am still human , I have my moments ! I have to say though ,  my good out weighs my bad hands down! I choose not to focus on it . I don't allow society to try and mold me as it once did. That wasn't fun . I felt like I was in jail. Each and everyday practice on being child like. Say whats on your mind , follow your heart , don't over think , be grateful and smile ALWAYS ! Even when you feel like there is no hope left, dig deep and pull that hope to the surface ! Your still living for a reason .

" For everyone who asks will receive , and anyone who seeks will find!" - Matthew 8:11

Peace & Blessings
Xoxo- Felicia La Tour