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The Company You Keep -

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Have you ever gone through something real crazy in life and you don't know what to think or do ? You scroll  through your contact list in your phone and think to yourself , " who can I reach out to ?"  One by one you're scrolling until you see the first name of a person you know that will be so open and understanding . This person always comes with no judgement attached. They  always seem to see your point of view and understand you . Whoever that individual is (being family or friend)  they love YOU for YOU . This person also reminds you of what a dope indvidual you are and makes you feel like everything is ok when 5 minutes prior you felt the world was over . Keep this person around . This is how friendships should be . You shouldn't have to sugar coat , hide , or feel judged by any one close to you . A big reason why we all need company like this ,  is they  teach us how to be better people all around . We begin to have open arms and pure love flowing from us abundantly . Someone who forgives , listens, loves and trusts . Someone who lets you rant without ever interrupting you . Ahhhh the best ! We all need that person !!  If you can identify these people in your life ,  don't forget to say thank you !!! Learn from them and always keep them close ! A wise man once said " You are the five people you surround yourself with most ." Choose wisely and look out for these characteristics .

Peace & Blessings 

Xoxo- Fee La Tour


*Note to self : I've learned to tell myself " If the energy doesn't click , let it go ." I don't waste time on pointless relationships . I make sure I preserve my energy for when I need it most, or when those that deserve my energy are in need . You can't be everyones friend. Start listening to your intuition , and let go of things in your life that no longer serve you any purpose . Its called SPRING CLEANING !! :)