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Who said it was going to be easy ?

Felicia LaTourComment

I've been on my " walking by faith " makeup journey for a few years now and I have to say , it is anything BUT easy . I have my days where I want to just give up , I cry to myself and ask " What are you doing ?" I smile and am happy for the majority of the time but trust me , I have my moments hands down . Sometimes we give all that we have and we feel as if it isn't good enough . We have these feelings like it is never going to work or maybe you don't deserve what you are wanting . In moments like these I deal with my emotions. I cry , I scream , I ask the " why me " question and I let it all out . Comparing yourself to others will get you knowhere . Everyone's timing and journey is different . Everyone has their own mission they are on in life . With that being said , don't compare . Ever . Like I was saying , in these moments I deal with my emotions . Soon enough a little voice comes along and says " don't give up , keep fighting , you're doing everything you can, be PATIENT !" Than I'm back to reality . The biggest part of getting through that phase is dealing with it . Its ok to cry and get frustrated , we are human beings . We all have our moments , our rough times , ecspecially when your not trying to find the easy way out of life . I just wanted to share this message to remind us all that when we are going through it , just know it'll all be worth it. Stand strong and with faith remember that " this too shall pass." I believe in my heart that whenever I feel this way I make sure I speak to my creator and he speaks back . DO NOT GIVE UP!! If  I'm not, you can't ! We are in this together , several of us all around the world . We are all going through the same struggle and just know when its all said and done and you're wiping the tears off your cheek sing to yourself " Don't worry , about a thing , because every little thing , is gonna be alright …. " Peace and Blessings to all my brothers & sisters in the world . May we continue to grow together and rejoice in our struggle together . YOU ARE NOT ALONE !


Peace & Blessings 

Xoxo- Fee La Tour