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Friend's. I'm 23 years young and I believe that I can finally look around me and see that I have beautiful / genuine real friends . They help me more than I could ever imagine . Always smiling , supporting me and my decisions , as well as giving nothing but positive , encouraging advice . My advice to anyone about having real friends is make sure you can always be yourself around them . Make sure you are goofy 100% and being YOU. You don't want to have a friend that you can't be who you really are . If you are afraid of being you , maybe you have a few issues you have to workout with yourself. I think having friends with similar morals / values is great as well ! It makes it easier to relate and vibe . Do you and your friends only go to the clubs and get drunk ? Or are you able to go on a healthy hike and grab coffee with one another ? Be real with yourself . Stop entertaining relationships that have no substance . Keep in mind , it's  ok to out grow a relationship. Sometimes in life this happens. It isn't a bad thing it is just a reminder that you are growing and maybe just need to be an example while your friend catches up . Life is beautiful and is meant to be enjoyed that way . Sorry Drake but most of my " new friend's " are the biggest blessings that have ever happened to me . Your rule is stupid lol. 


Peace & Blessings 

Xoxo-Fee La Tour