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Tutorial Tuesday !!!

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Woo Hooooooo ! Lets learn Eyelashes today !!!

Ok dolls, today I am releasing a video on applying eyelashes . A lot of my clients have trouble with this and give up . When in all actuality its not difficult at all , they just need a step by step break down. There are eyelash serums you can use as well as  protein to help your lashes grow. The way to pick good mascara is by looking at the brush . The brush is usually the part that means the most . I always look for a full one thats nice and round. I will list a few mascaras that I love below :) Watch the tutorial in the tutorial section and see if you can challenge yourself :) Enjoy !!!


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Xoxo- Fee La Tour 


"They're Real "- Benefit 

" Voluminous" - Loreal 

"Haute & Naughty "- MAC