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Growing at ease ...

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We all have to grow in life , with that being said we all have to have certain lessons thrown at us . These lessons help us get to where it is we need to go . I recently came across some old photos of myself and was amazed at the way I carried myself as well as the way I spoke . Negative & classless . To see the person I have become today is amazing to me but it took me to having to bring up old memories to see that growth . I am spiritually mature enough to know that I was spiritually growing . Yes my physical body was growing but my spirit was at a serious war . Every day we are at war . Everyday we are growing more and more into a beautiful butterfly . Let the transition take its course . If you are willing to have God take control of your life , indeed the universe will work with you and help you with that transition . Keep in mind , IT TAKES TIME! I went through a 3 year relationship and looking back I can finally see that my Ex was my preparation for the woman I am today ! Its a beautiful thing . I remember sitting and talking to my girlfriends about how I felt it was time for me to leave my relationship because I've learned everything God wanted me to learn from this person. Now in the moment did I know I was going through a big transition ? Of course not . This person was preparing me for battle , the battle was me growing into my higher self . This is a very very difficult thing to overcome . I began to look at the world differently , I began to strengthen my gift of discernment ( Thank you GOD! ) With all of this being said , I want to tell anyone who is going through something to HOLD ON TIGHT and just know that you are probably going through a huge  growth process . Just trust that God is creating situations that will teach you a lesson which will make you a very strong person at the end of it all. Looking back at my life thus far I see exactly why I went through the things I did . Cliche but it made me the person I am today . Be a warrior and nothing less ! Trust your journey , trust your struggle , embrace every moment and live for RIGHT NOW !

Peace & Blessings

Xoxo- Fee La Tour