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Enjoy Life's Journey ...

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In life we tend to over think everythingggggg. Maybe not all of us, but a large amount of us . I've learned through experience that the story is already written . We can't control anything but our thoughts and choices throughout the  day . We're always wondering what the future holds and living in fear of  " whats next " . So caught up in the future that you're missing the beauty in the present moment . Its a simple task of " Let Go , Let God" (whoever you label as your higher power, to each is own ) . I remember trying to live a spirtual lifestyle as well as trying to follow the layout of society . Over time I realized that following faith and my heart was the best decision for me. Never knowing where my next meal or pay check was going to come from, went from scary to exciting. I learned that when I "Let Go and Let God " I was truly living . I was simply "being" and appreciating the present moment. Taking each lesson and learning process as a blessing. They are tools to put in our back pocket while walking through life. Just trust your heart, Listen to it very carefully because it won't steer you wrong. ENJOY this journey because you only get to do it once. Go hard for what you believe in every day and don't let others opinion on you shake you . Like they say , " you're created to stand out. " Do you Boo , ALWAYS !


                                                               PEACE & BLESSINGS

                                                                 Xoxo- Fee La Tour