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Learn to Calm Your Mind ….

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Alrighty, so idk about you but for me I use to always have these moments when my mind would just run wild . Out of control and filled with negative thoughts of failure , lack of , and doubt . Slowly but surely I began to gain control . It wasn't easy but I knew I had to gain control of my mind so that my world around me would change . I began to read several books on what happens when I let my mind go into a negative state .  I was freaked OUT ! I was creating madness in my life with all of these thoughts. As they say I was " blocking my own blessings " . I was my own worst enemy . I wasn't loving myself and was beating myself up mentally . Life isn't meant to be miserable and unhappy all the time , but that was the life I was choosing. I have a few things I do to keep my mind positive through out the day. I listened to motivational speakers , Played Reggae music ( all positive and full of life / hope ) , I would go on a walk ,  pray for peace of mind, and stay productive in things I enjoyed doing . I didn't want to live in my thoughts 24/7 . I was tired and drained . Tired of worrying, tired of creating my own madness. The best thing I did was take that first step . The first one is the hardest because doubt tries to come and rob you and has you back at square one all over again . I conquered my mind , I mastered the way to use my brain and its power . Without your mind on the right track you can not manifest things and be happy . It is your mind power that creates your world around you .  The first step into thinking positive is to check yourself. Recognize when you're speaking negative , recognize when you're feeling anything less than happy. Talk to yourself , put yourself in check and hold yourself  accountable ! Forgive yourself for beating yourself up  most of all. Keep doing this until it is second nature for you to be positive. Everyday is another day to try your hardest . You begin to manifest happiness all the time, and start to embrace yourself a lot more . We all want to be happy , we all want to be loved . You are not as " different " as you think. Yes you are unique but trust me , it starts with self discpline. Its the ones that actually take action into doing , that manifest their heaven on earth.

Peace & Blessings 

Xoxo- Felicia La Tour


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