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You are all the Power You Need -

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Growing up my mom was a single parent of 3 and always wanted the best for us .  She worked more than we could ever imagine and provided by herself . I grew up in Stockton , California which is about 30 minutes away from Sacramento . My family is from the bay area so we would go there every weekend and visit our " second home ." When High school came around my mom had us pack up and move to a city that could offer us a better education and open our minds , Ripon ,CA. Right after high school , literally 3 weeks after high school I decided I was packing my bags and moving to LA . I was 17 years old but was fearless and determined . Being in Los Angeles now for 7 years I have been exposed to a world that I never knew existed . A world of dreams , A world of hope . I've done almost everything I've ever dreamed of as a child and more . I've set goals so high for myself that I reached them and didn't know what to do after besides set bigger ones that I'm on my journey towards now . I have / had my struggling moments but I always told myself " this too shall pass. " I recently spoke to a friend back in Stockton . I was shocked but what I was hearing because I forgot about the little girl who felt like there was nothing outside of the poverty and helplessness of this city . I had to tell him my back story and having faith in all that I do . You have to take leaps of faith to get what you want out of life .  We are such powerful beings but are scared of our power most of the time ! Open your mind and realize you have all the power that you need in this lifetime . You were born with every single thing inside of you , to fulfill whatever it is in your heart . Every human is equal , only difference is one believes in themselves and the other watches through the window . 

Rule #1 - BELIEVE 

Rule #2- WORK HARD

Rule #3- HAVE FAITH 


These are the three things I keep in my heart on a daily to push me through life and its struggles . I don't let anything stop me ! Ever ! I recognize my power can get me anything and anywhere I want to be in life with patience and perseverance . Don't be afraid , only good can happen if you believe that . We are all in this together .


Peace & Blessings 

Xoxo- Fee La Tour