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Being In Tune With Yourself -

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I've been through a really interesting journey this far in my life . I am really young but have been through enough to say I can understand spirituality , the universe and my creator . With that being said , the best part of life I believe is growing . Ahh scary sometimes right ? It is , I can't lie . Scary is a good thing and scary is also an illusion your mind creates because of the unknown fact of " whats going to happen ." Being led in the dark is nerve wrecking , or is it ? Is this something we are creating ourselves in our own minds ? Yep , we are creating it just like we do everything else . For a second just realize where you are in this present moment . Accept it for what it is. Realize that you are exactly where you need to be at this moment in time of your life . Don't let your thoughts take you to a place of  " lack of . " Be so intune with yourself that you are comfortable with the present moment . Don't forget , it is a present because it is the now . Let your spirit be free and tell your ego to take a seat . The ego likes to be controling aka " the bully ." The spirit is the sweet one that should be leading you . As humans we don't allow the spirit to take control because we live in a society where it is the opposite . Free yourself and be happy ! Today ! Its your choice . Always was and always will be!  Get in tune and live your freedom ! 

Peace & Blessings 

Xoxo- Fee La Tour