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Appreciation goes a long way -

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Yesterday I had a friend who went out of their way to make me feel special . I had no idea that I affected this persons life so much , yet I was thankful . Sometimes as humans we tend to forget how much work we are doing for others in our lives we naturally don't seek the reward . For me personally , my reward is when I can impact someones life in a positive way . We as humans need to sit those down who affect us and let them know how much they have influenced your life . A simple card , fresh picked flowers , or even a hug and smile . Show your gratitude in hopes of warming someones heart and giving them strength . You might help some one more than  you can probably imagine . If we all showed appreciation, we would all probably have more energy to give being reminded that we are helping someone . Lets make the world a more beautiful place one gesture at a time .

XoXo - Fee La Tour 

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