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Why are we on earth ?

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I was talking to my best friend on the phone last night and I asked her this question . " Girl … what do you think life is ? Why do you think we are here ?" This has been a question I have been asking several people lately just to see their answer . I don't think anyone is completely right or completely wrong . I believe that everyone has their opinion so soaking up some answers was fun . Most people responded with " I believe we are here to change the world " , others said " I believe we are here to inspire people through our talents which  can help change the world ." Lots of good answers ! I agree on them all but I couldn't help but come up with my own point of view, solely based upon my own life thus far . Here it goes ...


What if we are only here for an experience ? What if we come on earth to have an experience and we choose to make the best out of it or the worst out of it ? What if we are all over thinking everything and we are strictly just suppose to enjoy every single day without any care and EMBRACE the EXPERIENCE of each day . Being excited for whats to come that day just knowing we will experience something beautiful . What if life is simply an experience ….


This logic helped my mind be at ease and helped me to just sit back and freakin RELAX . No matter what you feel life means to you , just remember to enjoy it because you are only in this body one time . Make the best of your experience and don't sweat the small stuff . Life is Good , God is better . We are meant to have an enjoyable time in the place we are right now . It can ALWAYS be worse so don't forget to be thankful and enjoy !


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