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Terrible pregnancy skin !!

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        ( Pregnancy skin & non pregnancy skin regimen ) 

        ( Pregnancy skin & non pregnancy skin regimen ) 

When in my first trimester of pregnancy , my skin went CRAZY ! I freaked out with it , which only made it worse :( I hand break outs all over and was very embarrassed to be in public . I've never experienced acne or anything of that nature so I was sad lol . First my body is gaining weight and going through changes , next I am hormonal and emotional , last but not least my skin is bugging out ! What do I do !? 

                                 Lovin my new skin :) 

                                 Lovin my new skin :) 

The answer for myself was to say " this is only temporary , you are creating a human . This is normal . " I began to drink lots of water through out the day and also decided to switch over to all organic face products . I switched over for two reasons , one being that I didn't want products with a bunch of chemicals being transferred to my baby . The second reason was I didn't want to make my skin even WORSE with all that extras clogging my pores . Not only did I have to switch my skin care but I also had to switch my makeup . I knew liquid makeup wasn't going to cut it any longer . 

The products that got my face back to normal are listed below , keep in mind these products are ORGANIC , these products are also for sensitive skin . WATER is a necessity not only for you baby but also for you to stay looking fresh and fly through this pregnancy :) 

African Black Soap : I purchased this from Whole Foods in the beauty dept. I got this for many different reason . The first being that it is organic , but I also wanted something that would help me with dark spots after picking at my face . Me not being use to having breakouts I picked a lot but I heard this stuff helps with that and it did . I indulge night & day with lukewarm water . 

Juice Beauty Green Apple Peel Sensitive Skin : I also purchased this from Whole Foods . This stuff is amazing for dark spots as well as rejuvenating your skin and keeping  it nice and firm . It is a GREAT cleanse and keeps my face nice and smooth . I only do this once a week due to me not wanting to mess with my skin too much but to keep it nice and fresh of course !

OLEHENRIKSEN Sheer Transformation moisturizer : OMG ! This product is the I bought this product from the spa and I can't rave about it more than I am about to . Like I said I was picking at my face and began to notice ugly dark marks . I freaked and ended up getting treated to a facial at this place . SOOOOO relaxing & amazing ! I got a deep cleaning which also included a peel like the one listed above as well as exfoliation process which is amazing . I asked him about getting rid of dark spots and he guided me to this product . I have been using it for only 2 weeks and my skin is already clear and back to normal . No dark spots!! :) 

All of these products helped me so much in the process of my skin calming down and I am very gentle with it .  My makeup had to change as well , below you will see the new compact I use . I've never been a compact powder type of girl but this is my new thanggggg 

PUR 4- in- 1 Mineral foundation w/ skincare : My mom has been telling me for years to try this product but I was so against powder foundation . As soon as I got pregnant I knew that I needed to make a change . I headed over to Sephora and the lady went straight to the PUR department . I am OBSESSED with this foundation . Its light , fresh , has great coverage , and is so much better for your skin than liquid. I will stick with this foundation even after I deliver for sureeeee !

I hope all this information helps ! Good luck on your journey 

XoXo- Fee La Tour