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Do everything from your SOUL ...

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          Operate from your soul and watch people become instantly inspired ...

          Operate from your soul and watch people become instantly inspired ...

Your soul is who you are . It is something that you wear on the inside of your body that keeps your body operating . Without your soul , you are not you, you are not alive . It lives forever and can never die , pretty impressive if you ask me .

 At the age of 23 I've done some really amazing things with my life thus far !  I would've never thought I would be where I am now . I realize that prayer and having this amazing thought process helped me manifest my dreams into reality. Along my life journey , I've come to realize that if I don't do things from my soul , it just doesn't work . The energy isn't transfered properly . The people won't feel me .  

I only know how to be me . I can be myself in several different emotional moods but when it comes to me sharing my positivity and enlightenment with my " Love Lights " I can only do it from my soul . The journey to finding out who I was and recognizing the difference between my soul and flesh wasn't an easy one by any means . 

I didn't always operate from my soul . I was a negative Nancy , very judgemental , and was operating from an egotistic stand point day in , day out . The moment I recognized my soul I began to live a life I could only dream of at one point . The key was finding out who Felicia really was behind the flesh . 

These days , I cannot operate if it isn't from the soul . I have no words to produce or projects if it doesn't come from the soul . I keep my mouth closed until my soul speaks threw me and we make masterpieces together . I remain still and in patience until my " ahhh ha !" moment comes. If I don't do my souls purpose I am unfulfilled and unhappy . Thats not the life I like to live or teach people . 

With all of that being said , make sure you are doing what makes you happy ! Don't try and please everyone else or try and do what everyone else " thinks " you should do . You came on this earth with a purpose that is placed inside of your heart and only you know what that is . Of course get advice from people when necessary but make your own decisions , always ! For the longest time I couldn't make my own decisions and drove myself and probably everyone around me crazy. Just decide :) Take life one day at a time and hope for the best . God / the universe has your back . With that mindset I promise you will feel unstoppable !!!

Peace & Blessings to all my LoveLights 

XoXo- Fee La Tour