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Whats Causing Social Media Depression ?

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I've recently been working very closely with young girls  and women of all ages . They seem to all have the same thing in common  . Comparing themselves  to other people on social networks such as instagram , Facebook , tumblr , vine , etc. To know that women are going into depression based off of what they see bothered me big time . 

There was a point in my life where I would compare myself to other people all the time . I walked around with a chip on my shoulder because I didn't have what the next person had . It could be their looks , success , or just their happiness . I would try and figure out a way to get what they had , I could never figure it out . I was neglecting my journey and who I was as a unique individual because of what I visually saw from the next person . We always want more than what is right in front of us for some reason . 

Soon, I realized the problem wasn't other people and their lives , the problem was me . I wasn't secure enough with myself and happy with my own life that I would look at others and want what they had instead of focusing on my own plate .This part of life is called " Self Realization ."  You cannot be happy for someone else until you are happy with yourself . We compare without knowing the full story of others . We want what we have not deserved out of life yet . We seem to miss the beauty in life because we tend to look at material things for validation of " a good life ." 

If you are the type of person that can not handle others doing good around you , you need to work on yourself starting from within . There should be no reason to be envious of  someone nor jealous of their walk of life . Social media should not allow you to get depressed . It really shouldn't control your emotions at all . There are a handful of women who get so wrapped up in social media that they get surgery to look like another person and self destruct all because they didn't know how to love themselves from the beginning . 

Lets go a little deeper , what if that person didn't have love growing up ? What if they were never taught how to appreciate what is in front of them . There are so many possibilities and deeper issues to why people allow social media to affect their lives in a negative way . You have to learn to love every single thing about yourself , good & bad . Practice acceptance and self love . Practice being happy for others and watch more blessings fall into your lap . Some woman see photos of money , bags , shoes , makeup and think " oh man , she has it all ." Well , does she ? Behind that picture that individual might be very insecure and covers up with material things to make them happy . What if that person had to go against her integrity to get those material things ? I'm sure thats not what you want . 

Appreciate your life . Always keep in mind anything in life is attainable and achievable with hard work . If you want a life full of material things , at least work hard to get it instead of walking around miserable . Whatever you do , clean house in the inside first and I guarantee that you'll see material objets as silly . 

Peace & Blessings 

XoXo- Fee La Tour