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Channel Your Energy Properly

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One thing I want to say  before I get into this topic is , I SPEAK FROM EXPERIENCE AND EXPERIENCE ONLY .  I have to constantly practice what I speak as well as look for new ways to grow as a better human being every day . That comes with discipline and the willingness to learn regularly . When you do things from your soul , they don't just happen over night . You have to listen very carefully to your spirit as well as your gut intuition . That brings me to my next point .  

Channeling your energy properly - 

When I began my journey of  consciousness , I was very very afraid and confused . I one day woke up , and just began to isolate myself . I had no idea why I was isolating myself and what the purpose was . Now , 23 years young and looking at my life it all makes sense . It isn't easy to trust , ecspecially as a human being . We question everything ,  all the time ! Its just in our nature . So , of course , questions ran through my mind such as " am I doing the right thing ?" or " My friends aren't doing what I am doing , why am I the odd ball out ?" At the time I wasn't spiritually mature enough to recieve the answer to that question . 

My very first lesson was to channel my energy properly . That meant for me to go into isolation , which  consisted of ; working full time , no friend hang out time , reading , writing , and creating art . I disconnected from social media and I hibernated because I knew I was going through this for a reason . Questioning my every move , I learned to keep my faith alive and just trust . 

Fast foreword to my life today . I am healthy , happy , blessed in more ways I could ever imagine. I had to learn to channel my energy into my own journey . I learned very quickly that looking to the left or right of me would make me fall down . We all have our own purpose in life and we all have to practice discipline to figure out that purpose . Your soul will naturally lead you to where you are suppose to go ONLY if you're willing to allow it to . Our ego seems to get in the way the majority of the time . It is our job , to recognize the ego ( your flesh ) and tell it to simply " have a seat !" 

With all of that being said , I stepped into my purpose by channeling my energy properly . I stopped feeding things that didn't need to be fed . I also had to let a lot of friends go that were no longer serving a purpose in my life ( this is a VERY  hard part of the journey , test crucial part. ) . I still respected all with the understanding that everyone is on their own path and I cannot judge their footsteps . I am here to tell you do NOT be afraid of isolation ! You are one with God and being able to tap into that is the most beautiful thing that has ever happened to me . You learn so much about yourself as well as other people . Life seems to be a lot easier because you are spiritually in tune with the creator and learn to listen to the voice of our higher self as well as God . 

Trust your journey . Have patience , a lot of it . Don't let circumstances keep you down , they are only there to teach you something . Be as strong as you can , and when you feel like giving up , knell down and pray . 

Peace & Blessings 

XoXo- Fee La Tour