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Baby Love <3

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                       Thank You for teaching me the meaning of love , life , and family .....     

Never did I realize how much love and support I had around me until I became pregnant . Prior to my pregnancy , I lived in a world of staying extremely busy with my hobbies & work that I never really stopped to smell the roses . If I wasn't on set doing makeup , I was on set of a commercial acting , if not that than I was collaborating with someone somehow . I knew that I was living out my goals and dreams so once I became pregnant my life slowly but surely had a funny way of showing me what was important . All of the sudden , I understood the meaning of family and love . I understood things that are not tangible to the human touch but by the spirit itself . I realized how many people are in love with the fact that life is beautiful and nothing is more special than watching a woman carry life within her stomach . I gained a new appreciation for being a women , family, and love. I realized all the love and energy I had placed into several people on the day to day was coming back to me.  I felt loved and genuinly appreciated for once in my life . I think certain things in life happen because God wants you to learn something . When I first got pregnant , I had no idea what I was getting myself into . It took me about 5-6 months to accept that my life was about to change . I soon after realized that God was teaching me LOVE first and foremost . God was teaching me that people love and appreciate me . Of course my baby showers were fantastic but it was a feeling that I was receiving . It was a feeling of security that my baby and I were wrapped in a blanket full of love . I couldn't be more thankful for this time in my life and I am so excited about what else I have to learn through this pregnancy . She should be here very soon so I am excited to share my new life with you ! I've attached some photos of my last baby shower which was full of love and life ! Thanks for reading !


 In life sometimes we see the obstacle and get overwhelmed with the " challenge " being presented . We over look the possibility of this being a learning lesson which can turn into a blessing . When starring that challenge right in its eyes , remember at the end of the challenge , there will be a growth sprout and to make sure you are willing to learn . I accepted the challenge of going through with my pregnancy even though it was unexpected . My baby isn't even born yet and I am already overwhelmed with thegoodness I have learned . God IS GOOD !!




Peace & Blessings , 

Xoxo - Fee La Tour