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Pregnant & Ambitious ?

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Woo !

I feel like lately I have to freakin take a breather and just pray for patience continually day in , day out . I enjoying being creative and I can NEVER stay still . Any project someone wanted me to be apart of before pregnancy I was there at a drop of a dime. I'm not sure if its the pressure I put on myself to create or what but I am having an itch . An itch to create new things and reach new goals . 

I would've never thought that I would be pregnant at 23 and the middle of my career buttttt I am . I am very thankful and excited for my little angel to get here by all means !! There comes a huge transition in life when you become pregnant . All of the sudden you can't pick heavy things up , eat certain foods , go on adventurous work projects ( for me at least ) . I think this has been the biggest challenge for me . I still work a lot but I've notice a lot of people don't want to ask me to work because they feel I am pregnant and I don't want to work . Eghhh , not me . 

I've worked my whole pregnancy and don't plan on stopping until the doctor tells me to if necessary . There are so many things I want to do right now but how do I when I am accepting a baby next month ? You see where I am going with this ? I can be creative but its a limited amount of creativity because my body is giving all my energy to creating my daughter . This is something I have been struggling with and I am realizing a lot about myself . I am realizing # 1 that I don't know how to stay still and take a break from " work ." I am also realizing how ambitious I am and I feel it only comes out more while being pregnant because now I am ambitious on another level due to my newest motivation , my little girl .  

Maybe I am not the only ambitious pregnant women out there and hopefully once I am done writing this I can have some what of an answer speak to my spirit . This is a new part of my journey and I am learning so much very rapidly . Its very exciting / interesting and I guess all I can do is go with the flow . I'm in hopes of other mommies reaching out and maybe sharing what they went through with being ambitious and pregnant ! 


Peace & Blessings 

Xox0 - Fee La Tour