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STEAL back YOUR joy !!!

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Often in life we allow others to steal our joy . We allow them to piss us off and take away the happiness we woke up with . It can be your friend , family member , a stranger in the next car . We give them the power to mess up our day and control our emotions . 

Lets try a different approach - 

When we feed into someones negative energy we become apart of it . We allow them to throw their energy balls at as and we catch them instead of dodging them . My little sister is dealing with this right now . She is very positive and is a hippie at heart . She deals with someone on a constant  who throws negative energy at her but she keeps catching it . 7 am this morning she caught the energy ball . Finally , I prayed on it and responded to her situation with the best advice I feel would help her . Here it goes ....

I said " Natalie , stop feeding into her energy . Stop allowing her to steal your joy every single day . You cannot argue with crazy , crazy will make you feel crazy ! Don't give this person anymore power . When they say something to try and shake your peace of mind , bite your tongue and smile . Sometimes people want to start drama because that is their normal . Don't EVER let ANYONE control your emotions . Keep your energy positive around you . Misery loves company sis , never forget that . Let your light shine so bright you reveal their true colors  " 

I hope that whoever is reading this never lets anyone steal there joy . Someone is rude to you , steals your parking spot , spreads rumors , says hurtful words , learn to not feed into their energy any longer. When you respond to people like this , its like adding fuel to fire . Energy is very powerful so make sure your positive energy over shadows their negative energy .


Peace & Blessings

Xox0- Fee La Tour  


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