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MUST haves right after giving birth

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Right after giving birth I began to learn a few things about myself and my new body . First , I had to accept my new body for what it is right now and just simply work on getting it back to what it was . Leaving anxiety to the side I began operation " snap back" just a day after labor . 

First, My stomach was all over the place . My uterus was nice and swollen still so It still looked like I had a baby in there.  I was advised by many mothers that it was important for me to breast feed to shrink my uterus , and WRAP my stomach night and day . I purchased a " Belly Bandit ." At first It didn't fit due to my uterus being super swollen still . I took an ace bandage and wrapped myself in that for the first 2 days. Soon after the Belly Bandit fit . I ordered a size small because I am determined to get back to my pre pregnancy size lol ! So far so good with the band, I am shrinking very fast and I am also making sure I am eating as clean as possible  to help me . I don't want to diet being that I am breast feeding and it eliminates so many calories I want my baby to be nice and healthy so I probably need to eat more food but its all a matter of what I am putting in my mouth . 

Lots of my weight has been water weight that literally just falls off . If you are pregnant and reading this, DRINK LOTS OF WATER . Not only to ease your swollen body while prego but to help the weight slip of right after . It is day 4 after birth and I have already lost 15 pds . I am making sure I     am drinking nothing but water and herbal tea which brings me to my next point . 

While in the hospital , most woman don't produce milk yet . Your body only has  colostrum so your baby will feed on that until it comes out . My baby would cry out in hunger pains because my milk took 4 days to start coming so I had to drink " mother milk " tea. This tea is a lifesaver !!! As a new mom , everything is new . You want to be able to do everything right and you want to be able to make your baby happy . I was so sad when I could hear my babies hunger cries . I ended up giving her my boob for the colostrum but I would also give her organic formula from whole foods called " natures best ". The Mother milk helped so much . I drink about 3 cups of it a day to help me get the milk down and poppin for my little one . 

Another Tea that I use is " Monthly comfort tea" , this is a good healing tea for my insides being that I had a baby living in me for 9 months . Everything is out of wack lol ! Vitamin D I give to the baby ( add a drop on my boob before breast feeding ) . My doctor recommended it and says they recommend all moms who breast feed to . 

These are all things that I needed asap after giving birth on top of a positive attitude . I'll keep you posted on my belly bandit / snap back journey regularly :) 

Peace & Blessings 

XoXo - Fee La Tour