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"Welcome to the Mommy club Fee !!!"

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             September 25th , 2014  - 6:08 am  8.11pds. / 20in. Peace-Marie McNeill 

             September 25th , 2014  - 6:08 am  8.11pds. / 20in. Peace-Marie McNeill 

I have to say this is by far the most amazing experience ever !!!! I'm a MOM !!!! Ahhhh so crazy to think about . Who would've thought , little ol Fee walking around with a mini me :) 

The joy that I feel when I look at her is just overwhelming . Its a feeling that you cannot put into words because I believe it is a feeling only God can give you . I look at her everyday and say " THANK YOU GOD !" My other half . Our other half . In life , I was ready to go after something new before getting pregnant . I was ready to start a new adventure I just didn't know what kind of adventure . I was open to learning and growing towards whatever God had in store for me . Did I think it was a daughter ? well , no , but my goodness this is the best teacher / blessing God could've ever given me. My little miracle . 

I will still be continuing my makeup artistry BUT you will see me take a slight turn into mommy things a lot more as well as motivational speaking . She is my world , she is my everything and as most of you know I love to express my passion about things I love . I will be sharing my experiences as a mother , what my pregnancy was like , as well as just growing and documenting this part of my life . I believe this is going to be great for working mothers no matter what age you are ! While pregnant , I constantly looked online for mommy groups and wanted to connect with moms and feel " normal " during the life transition . For other moms , I would like to be that person that you can turn to as I am growing and absorbing all this new stuff :) I hope you enjoy the ride ! Great stuff in store :)) 


Peace & Blessings 

Xoxo- Fee La Tour