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MommyMonday Product Review :)

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Hi Mamas!! 

This weekend I was able to attend a great Mommy event! I was introduced to some really cool products and I had to make sure I came back to share with my fellow moms!!! All products have links connected to them in case you're interested in purchase. Lets get started :))

First we have "Blue Baby Bum" I recieved two items from this line and I think they are great! The first product is the car seat Blankie. The blanket is light weight but also has a really soft inside so you're able to feel it will keep your little one warm. Sometimes we have to adjust our babies to the temperature of being inside or outside depending on if its cold or warm. The good thing is, this blanket makes it possible for you to roll up at the babies feet without having to worry about "what do I do with this blanket since the baby isn't needing it right now." 

The next product from the same line is the carseat cover. Usually us moms put a blanket over our little ones stroller especially if the baby is new. This cover has a velcro latch so you are able to strap it onto the car seat without worrying about it coming off, or blown off by the wind. This was an issue for me actually so once I saw this product I liked the idea behind it. We go to a lot of outdoor events and Peace falls asleep sometimes so I like to cover her with this and she has her own little cozy space!! 

Be sure to check Blue Baby Bum out by clicking on the item below: 

Car Seat Cover    Stroller Blanket 


Enjoy !!

Xoxo- Peace & Blessings