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Moms Supporting Moms: Product Review: Ixchel Triangle

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This weekend I was introduced to the lovely Tory Jones. She is the owner of Ixchel Triangle ! My goodness her items are the Bomb.Commmmm ! Yepp with all of those "m's" lol !

I received this super trendy diaper/wipe holder and I am so in love. I can finally take out a diaper from my purse in "style" :)What I love about it is I can toss it in my purse when I don't want to take Peaces full diaper bag with me. Also, The quality is amazing, I am a big fan of Guatemala style purses and this was right up my alley. A few fun facts on the purse are:

* Each product takes up to 3-4 weeks to weave due to the intricate design.

* Each bag is signed by the artist it was created by.

* The Mayan people of Guatemala create these bags themselves!

* Each bag purchased supports a family & children's education in Guatemala 

We love Tory and her whole movement! Oh, also, they have FANTASTIC Yoga Mat bags as well as diaper bags !!! 

Thank you Ixchel Triangle :)

Purchase Yours here: IxchelTriangle 

Peace and Blessings 

Xoxo- Fee La Tour