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Get out and Celebrate YOU!!! #MommyMonday ......

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It took everything out of me not look back this weekend while heading out on a girls trip to Vegas. Sometimes I need to let my hair done and have some fun instead of just working and trying to "figure" out life. Yes, I do too try and figure things out and than snap out of it quickly. So back to my story, I went to Vegas with my girlfriends and I was able to be Felicia again for 24 hrs. It was my first time away from baby Peace and I had to use "power of the mind" for this trip. 

I didn't realize how much I would miss her as well as my fiancé but I did pretty damn good. I also felt free of not worrying about someones diaper change or feeding. I was only in charge of myself and it felt really weird yet good. Peace had daddy daughter time and it was perfect because I was able to let them bond together without me looking over his shoulder to make sure he changed her right. Its important for us to let them bond,  really important.  

Ya know, I think its a necessity ( and I encourage) for moms to consider doing a quick get away with friends or even alone. Step away from your world for just a few days and focus on you and celebrate YOU. We forget to do that as women, and as mothers, I think a lot of women forget to just take care of themselves. We are women, we are powerful and deserve everything attainable and more. Take care of yourself and let your hair down every once in a while to recharge. Life is good, don't forget that, enjoy yourself  !!

Peace and Blessings, 

Xoxo- Fee La Tour