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Product Review: Uppa Baby Cruz Stroller

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Love Love Love this stroller!!!

Being a new mom I had no clue what products were hot and what products were not. I have a mother-in-law who is the bomb at suggesting products. Of course she would tell you her full story of " well, you know I used to own a baby store for 15 years right?" lol she's funny.

This stroller is the Uppa Cruz, super cute and trendy. We have the yellow one which is interchangeable. This stroller can be adjusted to a full bassinet position so your baby is laying flat.  Easy to use button near the head which adjusts so the seat can sit ALL the way up to a high chair position.  just depends on what you prefer or the baby prefers. 

It comes with a super cool UV sun shade, an attachment for the rain as well as to keep bugs out. The basket at the bottom of the stroller is a pretty good size. Rides smoothly for sure! Its extremely light and also very very easy to break down and throw in your car. No hassle at all. 

* Photos By  Chrispimages

* Photos By Chrispimages

Now, we also have the car seat insert. When Peace is sleeping I usually keep her in the car seat and I take out the stroller base with just attaching the car seat in it. The different parts of the strollers have the options of your baby to face you or look outward. Since Peace is a new baby, I only give her the option to face me until she is a little older. This stroller is good for new borns all the way up to toddlers. 

Get your UppaCruz here: Uppa Cruz 

Peace & Blessings 

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