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Product Review: Lily-Jade (Diaper bag)

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Recently I received an amazing handbag/diaper bag! Meet Lily-Jade! There are several things I love about this bag!

Ok so to start out, I am not a big purse/diaper bag person, BUT I love the fact that Peace and I can share this bag together and still be in style. Helping me save space and not have to bring two bags everywhere we go. That gets annoying ugh lol .... Ok moving on, the POCKETS! Whenever I look for a diaper bag I always look for pockets! This bag is super cool because it has this whole insert that clips in and out of the bag that is filled with pockets. There are at least a dozen pockets on the whole bag, I love it! Great to use for little things so that literally everything in your bag has its place. I use the front portion for my stuff and Peace gets the inside! Oh, did I mention it comes with a handy changing pad? Bomb.Com !!! Thank you so much Lily-Jade ! I recommend this bag to anyone with a baby or soon to be mamas. The quality of the bag is fantastic! Very heavy duty and will last you a while. If you ever want to use it for a purse or carry on bag you have the option of converting it into a  purse just for you mom! 

Click the Link for purchase and the inside of the bag :) Lily-Jade.Com