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DIY: Glitter Vase

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If you know me, you know I love to do arts and crafts and can get real creative when in my zone. This is a project for anyone! The impatient mom who is waiting to hit 40weeks ( put a mask on. ) Or even the mom who has some down time while the little one naps. I mean, you don't even really have to have kids I just recommend this for moms because its a way for us to be able to have a little fun moment to ourselves. Make this with your girlfriends or even for your desk at work, the list goes on! Click play and lets get started. 


A few things in the video I want you to know:

- I used 2 layers of spray paint, the first layer I let dry for about a minute before applying the second layer. Keep in mind, holding the spray paint far away from Mason Jar will help it have even coats without dripping spots. 

- I worked fast when putting on the glue so that it didn't dry before applying the glitter. 

- I let the glitter/glue dry for about 30 minutes before putting flowers inside. 


(I purchased everything from Joan's Art store)

* Kyrlon- Metallic Spray Paint

* Mason Jar (Large size)

* Mod Podge (Glossy)

* Gold Glitter ( Any brand, I like the the thicker pieces of glitter)

* Paint Brush

* Fresh Flowers :) 



Xoxo- Fee

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