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Don't ever forget about YOU!

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This is a message for anyone and everyone. It can relate to someone in a relationship, someone with children, anyone who LOVES. I had a wake up call from God the other day and I couldn't have asked for a better wake up call. My life right now is very different than what it was a year ago. It is very calm and sometimes that calmness can be confusing. I am 24 years old and have done a lot with my life but now that it is calm I noticed myself investing my energy into everything BUT myself. My daughter, fiancé, blog followers, everyone but me. Hmmmm, now how is it that I forgot about me? Somewhere along the way, idk where, well I'm guessing when I took on the roll as a mother I forgot about myself. Now, this is a common mistake a lot of us woman do and the reason I said I am so thankful is because I was able to catch it quickly and make a change. Life is a lot about balance. It is a lot about working on yourself so that you can operate at your highest potential as well as love people better and help people. There is no possible way to fully help others before yourself. Someone once told me this great analogy;

" If you're in an airplane and the plane is going down, are you going to put on your daughters mask first or yours?" My response was " hers!" In my mind I'm like " duhhhh". She said " No, you would put on your own first  because what help are you if you your daughter survives and you don't? Who's going to take care of her? you have to help yourself so that you can help her." 

That was so powerful, something I never let go of. We go through things in life and I am a believer in having faith and looking at every situation as a positive even if it seems like there is no light at the end of the tunnel. Never love someone more than you love yourself, when doing so, you rely on that person to keep you happy and if they disappoint you or are no longer around your world is crushed. Don't give anyone or anything that much power over your emotions. 

I made a decision to steal back me. All of me until I am ready. I want to give and operate at my highest potential and nothing less. If I am able to do this, I am way more creative, I have more to give, I can hear Gods voice clearly, I am in control of my own happiness and will never let someone else have the driver seat besides myself. When you love yourself, the universe will love you right back and you will see beautiful things come to fruition . " Do YOU boo." :) 

Xo - Fee