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Perseverance ... In ALL You Do !

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Well well well, 

This is a topic that I have been working with in my own life and I realize its a necessity to reach the goals you want out of life. Perseverance in my relationships, being a mother, the best one I can be at that. Perseverance in getting back into shape and eating healthy, perseverance in yoga and fighting though the poses. Perseverance means to keep going, through whatever it is you're fighting through, keep fighting and win the battle of your mind. Everything you're going through is temporary and once you realize that in your mind, it makes it a bit easier to hang on tight through the ride. Life gets hard for us all but how are you perceiving it? Do things that make you happy to get you through a rough season and thank the creator in advance for getting you through tough times. 


Peace & Blessings

Xo- Fee ....