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FeeLove Merch Now Available!!!!

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I am so so so excited about finally launching FeeLove Merchandise! I have been working on this for about a year and to see it finally happen makes me so happy! I love everyone who supports my Positvity/ healthy living/ mommy/ beauty movement! Words can't describe the amount of gratitude I have to those who inspire me to keep posting and tell me I help them with my relatability! 

In the Shop section of FeeLove, you will see lifestyle things that I use day to day. Things that are me and my genuine lifestyle. I didn't want to sell you guys products that didn't fit me so I made sure I stayed true to myself!

This first item we are releasing is the " mommy and me" #Positive Vibes Only Tee. This is a saying I've been using for a while now and I wanted to start with this because I love how inviting it is to all things GOOD! Making it known before you approach, " miss me with the negative vibes". The most important part is that the message is on the baby shirt! Sometimes as parents we can get caught up in day to day struggles and that quick glance at your little ones T might change your whole mood. A friendly reminder to be optimistic. As they say, our children are our biggest teachers so let's keep that in mind!


Peace and I have both put in so much work with this collection and I am thankful for the strength to fight for it until it finally came to life. Finding designers to create my vision was a hassle, I've never ran a retail store before so I had to learn a lot! Now that everything is set in stone I'm just grateful ! Share with a friend! Please! Hashtag #FeeLove #PositiveVibesOnly also so we can see what you're working with!  

Thank you for all your support again!  

Xo- Fee & Peace-Marie ...