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African " Mother, Hunter" Shoot

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I have been waiting so so long for this shoot to come about! I kept having to put it off because of the weather and finally I said F it! We are waking up at 7am and knocking this out! I dragged my good friend Chris and we were on our marry way ! Peace was such a trooper! It was SO HOT outside omg Idk how we did it but I was so determined to release this creation from my body. This location is in Malibu, CA. You park your car and than have to walk about a mile through these dream homes and the gem is waiting right there for you to enter. Its like a magical land. I was super sad that we are in a drought because usually you can walk to 3 different waterfalls and can hear & smell the water ... but.... no water :( All dried out . I keep hearing this El Nino is coming and if thats the case, let that sucker pour because I'm a nature woman and I need my waterfalls back lol. The hike is about 2 miles and we just explored. Lots of animals, trees, sun, and just one with nature. ( Almost got attacked by 2 horses!) I recommend stepping away from the city and being in nature from time to time for balance. 

What inspired me to do an African mother / Daughter shoot was of course my recent trip to Durban, South Africa, but also,  just being a mom and working hard for what I want. I have so many dreams that I want to achieve as I'm sure most moms do. It takes a strong, courageous mom to be a mother and a hunter. A hunter meaning, a woman who goes out her way and gets what she wants for herself, depending on no man, only using him as a complement to who she already is. A woman who listens to her intuition and doesn't let anything stand in her way. A woman who has dreams so big, nothing can stop her. 

I have dreams that I want to fulfill for myself and spirit but also for my daughter. I want to give her a life she deserves. Traveling the world with my baby is very important to me. I want her to experience different ways of living. Meet different children, see different ways of being and to have an open mind. Creating art for our blog around the world is the most exciting to me right now and thats what I am always working towards. I am a hunter, because my mom was and still is a hunter. It feeds me independently and spiritually! I want my daughter to never feel like she has to keep a closed mind for the comfort of others. I want her to always trust in her imagination and to have fun. Creating experiences and living off of what she wants to do the most! I grabbed a bunch of fabric from a  friend and painted my face how I envisioned it, did my hair in knots, and hooked my baby up too! 

I know there are other mother hunters out there!!! Where you at!? Lets create and KEEP creating all while being an example!

Photography By : Chris Paul Thompson

Edited By : Felicia La Tour 


&nbsp;I was dancing and singing here... my baby supports :) lol&nbsp;

 I was dancing and singing here... my baby supports :) lol 

Xoxo - Fee