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Celsius + Empowering Workouts !

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Heyyyyy! So many of you have seen me post this new drink called Celsius on my instagram page before my workouts. I love this drink so much and I wanted to share it with everyone so you can get familiar with this product. I get asked a lot of questions so here goes all the answers. Before I do my own review, I want to share some brief details on it. 

"Celsius uses green tea and other natural ingredients to boost your metabolism by up to 12%* and speed up fat oxidation, that is, the process of converting fat into energy. This produces thermogenesis, making calorie burning more effective when you exercise. Best of all, Celsius is also a negative calorie beverage, so you get to put that little minus symbol on your calorie counting records. It’s perfect for those on weight loss programs as it helps break the barrier of the weight loss plateau. Even if you aren’t looking to lose weight, you’ll gain the energy you need to maintain the momentum in your healthy lifestyle" - Celsius

Now with all that good stuff being said, lets jump into my weight lose journey. Once I had the baby, I looked down and said " how am I going to lose this 60 lbs. that I gained!?" I was so  nervous but instead of hiding out, I started working out with my friends and they encouraged me to do it! I would do weekly workouts such as; Soul Cycle , Modo Yoga, Hot 8 Yoga, Hiking, Gym, circuit training and my latest obsession is running using my Nike App. (The nike app is really fun because you're keeping track of your run and always trying to beat your last record.) Ok so I lost 50lbs. but that last 10 was the hardest to get off! Thats when I started drinking celsius. I was meeting up to workout with my girlfriend Caroline and she asked me "have you tried this drink?" I saw it before but I didn't have the chance to pick one up yet. I follow Russell Simmons on instagram and I figured " well, we have similar lifestyles, I should give it a try" from then I fell in love lol. I lost my last 10lbs. of weight recently and I do think it has a lot to do with my eating lifestyle which is vegan as well as celsius, the balance of all these things put together. I have a lot more energy when working out and the 100 calories you burn from just drinking it before your workout is such a perk! I literally power through my workouts and I don't want to stop lol! Its funny actually lol! 

My girlfriends and I get together 1-2 times a week to workout, we drink our celsius and catch up before working out. I think having friends to encourage you and workout with you on a weight lose journey is such a blessing! My friend Mariah is a yoga instructor and runs, than Caroline is a beast with the workout classes and is an amazing actress. We always get together and make one another feel powerful with planting seeds of encouragement while staying fit and healthy. We keep one another on our toes in every area and work through the hard and celebrate the good. Always keeping Mind, Body, and spirit in alignment!! We will be doing " Empowerment workouts" for women soon so keep your eyes peeled :) I think everyone women should experience the bond we have when working towards greatness with women who have your back! 

We all enjoy wearing nike women clothing while working out. For moms, trying to lose their baby weight, I recommend using their high waisted pants because your workout will be a lot more comfortable. It will hold in your baby gut which takes time to disappear!!!

I hope this post encourages someone to get healthy and have fun doing so! Give Celsius a try and let me know what you think :) Also, tag @Celsiusoffical on instagram and help them recognize our post !!!! Here is a quick video on what my girls and I do when working out enjoy :) 

All video & Photography By: Chris Paul Thompson


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