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DIY - Peace's flower basket ( B-Day Pics)

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Hey everyone!!!!

I wanted to share a really easy DIY on Peace's birthday basket she was sitting in. She loved this basket so much and now we just keep it in her room and throw random stuff in it. To make the basket it only took me about 45 minutes to an hr. so make sure you have time to sit and create :) 

All right, here we go.....

I bought a basket from World Market ( Favorite store in the whole world !!! ) Before purchasing, I put Peace inside at the store and she didn't want to get out lol! It was really cute! I wanted to make sure she could fit comfortably. Link above but here is a picture also. 

The following products are ALL from Michaels, each item is linked :)) 


Wire Cutters $8.99

Green Floral Wire : $1.99

(Comes in different sizes, I bought the thinest wire so its lest noticeable)

Flowers - Grab whichever you like :) I grabbed lighter colors just because they are my favorite.

Steps : 

Cut Wire with wire cutters to attach to flowers and basket - 

Trim flower stems so that you can wrap them around basket. 

Take your flowers & wire, wrap wire around the flower and weave the wire in and out of the basket, positioning the flowers against the basket. 

Add as many flowers as you'd like and do the same thing around the whole basket 

All done :)) 

Xoxo- Fee

Happy Birthday Baby Girl .....