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So Hard to say Good Bye ;(

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Wahhh. That's my crying noise ;( ... I leave NYC in about 3hrs and I am so sad. I sent Gavin a text telling him to fly here with the baby so that I can just keep enjoying myself! This has been the best trip ever in so many ways! Summer time in New York really is the best. I went to go buy a charger from CVS at 10pm, thinking I was going to be walking in the dark alone but no there were people everywhere. Literally. The streets were full! People jogging, laughing , eating, interacting. It seems people spend less time on their phones. I love watching humans interact. It really is a beautiful thing! Such a dope place ahhhh one day I'll be able to stay for months at a time. Mark my words :) 


I miss my family but I have to say, having me time felt really good, not only do I not have to change diapers for a couple of days, I get a big bed all to myself lol. All jokes aside, I get thinking room. Time for my brain to just expand and I was able to think for myself. Able to be selfish with my thoughts and just spend time with my art and God. I did alot of praying this trip. A lot of random exploring, a lot of self reflecting. A lot of centering myself so that when I go back to LA I have a clear game plan. It's difficult being an ambitious mom and wanting to do so much but your thoughts are incomplete because you're watching after the baby. I was able to have full thoughts and pray on them. It felt really good to feel free again. 

Until next time NYC, I'm grateful for you

xoxo - Fee