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Rebranding of the 'Felicia La Tour' Brand

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Art Done By : Samaria King IG : @Samaria_King 

Art Done By : Samaria King IG : @Samaria_King 

Here I am stepping into myself more and more each day. Sometimes people need a fuckin break. A break from life, a break from expectation a break from it all. Even though my brushes never stop painting faces, my spirit sometimes needs a break from expressing and just wants to sit in silence. Which leads me to my next point, being that I have been sitting on my hands a bit when it comes to self expression, I am now here to relaunch ME. The new and improved version of me. Man, that sounds like a perfect human being huh ? Well its not lol! Its just me FINALLY being all the way raw and uncut. No filters, no " I'm doing what I think people want me to do" Its just me. Makeup here and there, motivation to find your light here and there and motherhood all up and in between !!! I'm excited. You'll see me stepping more into an online influencer, makeup updates of course, and Vlogs on my Youtube as well as Girl chats ! My next baby after Peace is my new project that I am bringing my favorite people on board to help me create which is called

' woo m-uh n sanctuary ' . Its a space where woman can come and find themselves and their light. An event that I have been dreaming about that I am now finding the courage to share. I am ready to face the world and speak my truth. I am ready to not be afraid, I am ready to be honest with myself, I am ready to be the very best version of myself. That comes with challenges and beauty that I am more than willing to share. I appreciate your continued support and only hope you can find your inner courage with me. I am strapping on my boots and walking straight into the light. My light. unapologetically. Join me on this new space, I challenge you to discover your inner light :)

Instagram updates will happen every week:

YouTube videos will be posted twice a week:

Seminars & Brunches will happen every 2-3 months ( Depending on outcome and flow ) 

And I'll be collaborating with some of planet Earth's favorite influential people !!!!

2017 is going to be amazing ! Starting now in 2016 !!!! 

Xo - Fee