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Get Healthy With Me !!!!

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You Guys! I am so so soooo excited about sharing what I eat with you! I have been experimenting lately so now that I have a few great dishes under my belt I’m juiced! lol ! The food you’ll see are Vegan/ Vegetarian friendly! For the holidays I went vegetarian ( I love Mac & Cheese / Egg Nog ) lol. I’ll be gradually adding to this list so for now here are a few dishes I made as well as a few of my favorite places to eat :)

This is a recipe I created myself. I tasted a salad very similar and was so in love that I decided to come home and try it myself! This is seriously so so soooo good & flavorful . I bought all ingredients from a local farmer's market !

Lemon garlic kale bean salad

1 - Bundle of Kale

1-  Bundle of Parsley

1-  Bundle of Green onion

2-  Fresh Garlic Cloves

1-  Lemon

1-  Can of Garbanzo Beans

Salt & Pepper

Olive Oil

Cooking instructions

*Preheat oven to 400 Degrees // Drain Beans // Add beans to large bowl

* Dice Garlic cloves & add to bowl // Dice 2 pieces of onion add to bowl //

* Add 2 Tbs of Olive oil , Salt , and pepper to bowl // ( Salt & Pepper to your liking )

* Stir all ingredients // Pour on baking sheet // Bake for 10 - 12 Min.

* Dice ½ of Kale // Dice ⅓ of Parsley // Add to same mixing bowl you mixed beans in.

* Squeeze Full lemon on top of Kale & Parsley // Add 2 tbsp. Olive Oil // salt & pepper.

( season to liking )

* Mix together

* Pull out beans from oven ( Should look roasted , Not too dry )

* Add beans to salad // Mix // Enjoy

Only costs about $7 to make and is made in about 15 minutes :))





Quinoa / cauliflower / spinach salad

Bag of Quinoa

1 - Can of Garbanzo beans

1- Head of Cauliflower

1- Bundle of Spinach

⅓  - Bundle of Parsley

Salt // Pepper // Olive Oil

Cooking Instructions

*Cook Quinoa according to instructions on packaging. ( I use vegetable broth for my flavor instead of water :) )

* Drain beans // Cut cauliflower off stems // add both to a large bowl // Toss in 2 tbs of olive oil , salt , pepper ( season to your liking ) Bake on 400 Degrees on large baking pan 12-15 minutes

* Sautee spinach & Parsley in light olive oil ( about 1 tsp ) COOK LIGHTLY - Season with salt & pepper

* Put cooked Quinoa in large bowl // Add roasted beans & Cauliflower // Add Cooked spinach

Mix & Enjoy !!!!

These are my FAVORITE tacos! Before going vegan I was like OMG but what about my chicken tacos! Welp ! I found them & they are vegan !!!! These are from the vegan joint in Culver City. Made out of Tofu . Now, I don’t eat Tofu often at all but when I do it's well worth it !

This is a great breakfast for my vegetarians! Yum Yum - Three Bean huevos Rancheros from BLD in Los Angeles, CA . I love me some beans and this is full of it ! Great hangover breakfast for sure lol!!!

Spicy Beans & Quinoa

Ingredients :

Bag of quinoa

1- Fresh Tomato

2- Garlic Cloves

½ - Bundle of Cilantro

1- Can of Beans ( Your preference I use kidney beans here )

1- Green Bell Pepper

½ - White Onion

Olive Oil

Salt & Pepper

Cooking Instructions :

*Cook Quinoa according to packaging instructions

* Heat 1 tbs. Of Vegetable Oil

* Mince  ALL ingredients & sautee in pan

* Flavor With Salt & Pepper to taste


Hope You guys Enjoy!!!

Xo - Fee