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Hi All!  

Recently I was introduced to a few people over at Marley Natural and was instantly hooked! When Peace was floating in my stomach I would play her Bob Marley ALL the time! " Three Little Birds " is the song that always reminds me to enjoy life and relax. With that being said, when I found out the Marley family put their energy into body products I had to get my hands on it! Thank you to my friends over at Marley Natural for allowing me to experience such great product! Can I tell you that I love hemp anything and this stuff is like amazingly AMAZING ( if that makes sense ? ) hahaha. 


Each product has natural ingredients ranging from; Hemp seed oil, Jamaican Botanicals, Shea Butter, Sesame Oil, coconut oils, Ginger , peppermint , leaf extract, safflower, chamomile, and the list extends ! These products are ALL a great recipe to beautiful healthy fresh skin! I'm super big on keeping my skin on point and we all know I always mention, good skin = Flawless makeup application! I do recommend using the bar soap to wash off your makeup at the end of the day! Their essential oils is a great way to relax throughout the day for that good ol' aromatherapy! The body wash is amazing! The hand lotion, I tried at the launch party which sold me on the products lol! I washed my hands and used this right after and literally wanted to take it home with me in that moment! The body salve is really funny because it makes me feel like I've fully tapped into my inner natural gal deep within! It's super hydrating & the natural ingredients such as the ginger, leaf extracts, and rosemary remind me we are all one with the earth ! Very healing for dry skin! 


I hope this review is helpful ! I do believe cannabis is a natural healing agent even though I don't smoke. But they do also sell marijuana for the natural mamas out there needing a relaxation moment & healing lol. Link below to get your shop on :) 


xo - Fee