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New Makeup Work !!!

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Ok so this project was really fun but also very HOT! It was about 100+ degrees outside omg we all wanted to die lol! Good thing we had trailers to chill in from time to time shoooottttt lol! 

Any who, its always great working with a great team of creatives, excited to create and work hard. There was great energy on the set of this video which makes a big difference. I hope you guys enjoy!!! 


Directed by TOCK + Topshelf Junior

written and performed by Jhené Aiko

“A mysterious, time traveling medicine woman has a prophetic vision of an early civilization in trouble.

The men have neglected the women and deprived them of love. By orders of their chief, the men of the tribe have taken away the women’s hearts and voices.

The women are powerless. The children are suffering.

The medicine woman travels for many days to reach the primitive village.

Upon her arrival, the medicine woman performs a miracle. She instantly restores the grace of the women of the tribe and gives them their voices back.

The men of this early tribe are not pleased.

With the men of the tribe’s attention, the medicine woman and the women of the tribe begin a ceremony in which they tell the story of how they are taking their voices back.

The chief is infuriated.

The medicine woman leaves the now capable women to conduct a private ceremony for the chief.

The chief is intrigued and frightened.

What he thinks will be a sexual experience turns out to be something very different.

After the ritual is performed, the medicine woman passes on her apocalyptic prophecy of how the world will end due to the lack of love throughout humanity.

The chief experiences ego death. He sees that it starts with him.”

- Jhené Aiko Efuru Chilombo

Xo- Fee 




O.R.G Skincare Mineral Peel Face Product Review!!!

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My friends over at O.R.G Skincare did a great job at creating this amazing new product! I would like to introduce you all to the Mineral Peel face  . You guys!!! Like seriously ! This product is super bomb!!! For all the moms on the go this product is great for a fresh face and is literally a facial in a bottle. I don't really have time for facials all the time and my turn off button isn't working much these days so this fits perfectly in my kit and for personal use. Hope you ladies enjoy this!!! 

Watch video below to see how it works and more on how much I am in love !! :)) 


               For 20% OFF USE CODE: ORG55001     Click Here For Product Purchase :) 

Anklet Release !!!!!

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Peace and I decided to create one of our favorite things !! Anklets!!! We hand make these and we love to wear them with sandals & tennis shoes! We do recommend that moms who have young children WATCH them while wearing the anklet so that they do not rip off and put in their mouth. We created 4 different styles that can be found under the SHOP button above :) 


Bike riding in Venice with Peace was so fun! We literally rented a bike for only $9/ hr and she was in heaven! Waving at everyone, saying hi to the dogs, it was the cutest thing ever. It was nice to just take her out for the day and let her experience something new. Enjoy and don't forget to check out the store :))

Photography By: Chris Paul Thompson



Flower Child Chocker: $35

Flower Child Chocker: $35

Mommy & Me 'Goldie Links' matching anklets $35 for set see SHOP for individual rates- 

Mommy & Me 'Goldie Links' matching anklets $35 for set see SHOP for individual rates- 

Mommy & Me Feather charm anklet (Baby chain doesn't have charm for safety reasons) - $35 Set 

Mommy & Me Feather charm anklet (Baby chain doesn't have charm for safety reasons) - $35 Set 

'Hippie Baby' Anklets Stackable $7/ each OR 3 For $20

'Hippie Baby' Anklets Stackable $7/ each OR 3 For $20

'Heart' thin Gold chain Mommy & Me - $35 ( our favorite ) 

'Heart' thin Gold chain Mommy & Me - $35 ( our favorite ) 

 'Goldie Links' baby anklet -

 'Goldie Links' baby anklet -



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Pop Tarts " Crazy good summer" concert !

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So we've been doing a series of these mini concerts with pop tart for all the fans and the New York one is def. my favorite. I guess the fact that I get to do what I love in a city I love with people I love it's cool lol! The line up is Jhenè of course , Jessie J , and the band Rixton .  Here are a couple of pics! Omg btw it's so hot out here !!!!



Crowd cooking In  

Crowd cooking In  

Oh hey girl , I see you groovin lol'  

Oh hey girl , I see you groovin lol'  

Rita's on deck  

Rita's on deck  

Www. Ritasice. Com  

Yayyyy my arms are getting skinny again lmbo! That's not important hahaha!  

Yayyyy my arms are getting skinny again lmbo! That's not important hahaha!  

This is Rixtons manager, he tried photobombing me but ended up in my flick lol

This is Rixtons manager, he tried photobombing me but ended up in my flick lol

I met one of my followers!  @r.efuru hey girl heyyyy ! 

I met one of my followers! @r.efuru hey girl heyyyy ! 


I love sharing these moments with you guys! Alright gotta get back to work :))  


Must Haves !!!

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Happy Monday Everyone !!!!

Ok so these are some things I can NOT live without !!! Lets start from left to right. Hopefully something here interests you ....

First and foremost how could I live without my computer !? I mean I have to communicate with you guys so its definitely a must have! I have a super cute glitter case on it from my good friend Bri <- Click on her name to see all her cases! I have my IT Cosmetics CC+ cream, idk how I ever survived without this! It makes my skin so much more healthier but still covers very well ! Tarte Gifted mascara one of my FAVS ! The little green bullet is a new thing I was introduced to from my cousin Ryane. Its an essential oil called Young Living, this one in particular is called stress away. You rub it on your wrist and it is an all natural substance that calms you and the stress you are carrying. GREAT product!!! Omega Woman vitamins ! Postpartum mamas this is for us ! I was having trouble with getting my emotions and hormones in balance right after having Peace. I noticed I was becoming depressed. I went into whole foods to find something that was all natural and I cam across these. Fish oil pills that actually help! They also make your skin look FLAWLESS! I recommend these to all woman who have problems emotionally which has to do with hormones! These saved my life and are all natural! I purchased them from WholeFoods. I've had an obsession lately with cream liner in my water line so I carry this puppy with me! Its called "Rue Bonaparte" 12 hr wear. Amazing from Nars . Of course I can't forget my favorite lip combo "Plum" lip pencil from MAC with FAUX lipstick LOVE these two together . Business cards are always a must have you never know who you'll run into. Especially if my makeup is poppin people ask for cards! Be your own walking advertisement! Pacifier stays in every pocket hahah! Last but not least Honest diapers and wipes for baby Peace!!!

Thanks for tuning in this week! 

Xoxo- Fee

Fashionable Mom

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As a new mom to a 3 month old, I found a love for dressing up. My style has changed a bit and I am loving the new me! This is what I call my “ laid back business” look, perfect for winter! I am wearing a long peacoat from Forever 21 (I recommend getting one size up for comfort around the shoulders.) My shoes are from TopShop, a nice trendy boot to add a touch of “sass” to the outfit. I made sure to wear my FAVORITE high waisted jeans from American Apparel. Love these pants so much especially being that I still have my postpartum tummy it holds it all in so you can stand tall and walk with confidence. Simple white V neck shirt from GAP (extremely comfy) and last but not least, simple dainty necklaces from Forever21. Hope you enjoy!!

Moms Supporting Moms: Freshly Picked

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As moms we loveeeee us some Freshly Picked for our little ones toes! This brand is seriously the cutest ever. As we know, it isn't good for new babies to have their feet in shoes with hard soles. Freshly picked is perfect for your new babies growing foot. Cute and Cozy ! Not only do they have the cutest shoes they also have thee best purse and what I use as a makeup bag insert. The purse is really big inside with great pockets. I can see what I am digging for which is usually so annoying lol. My diaper holder fits inside along with my makeup and other nik naks. We love Freshly picked and love watching Susan grow her business! Very inspiring to see one mom fulfill her dream and move forward with determination and vision ! 

Best of Luck to you Susan and Freshly Picked Team! Thank you so much for everything!

Get yourself a pair here:

Moms Supporting Moms: Product Review (Small Business)

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I love supporting & being a working mom! My mom was a hard worker so to be able to help other moms that are working hard is fun & energizing. I have two brands I want to share with you. Both are mom's who are passionate about their hand crafted products which are fantastic!

First let me introduce you to "The Balm Company". My good friend Alex Elle is an author, speaker, and natural mama. With the help and inspiration from her daughter Char, Alex decided to create an all natural,handmade,VEGAN product line for the body. I am obsessed with all of the products I received. I love the fact that it is organic because I am really big on using products that are organic ONLY as well as for baby Peace. My favorite is ummmmm everything lol. I love the  lip balm, flower oil, and Baby Bump. All smell amazing and Im actually using the Baby Bump for my stretch marks after having Peace. Keeps my skin hydrated. There is coconut oil in the ingredient and it does have to be placed in the microwave for about 1 min to become looser to your liking. When using pure coconut oil you will notice it is hard so keep this in mind. Thanks so much Alex & Char !!! Get your product here : TheBalmCo Be sure to visit them on Instagram as well : @TheBalmCo 

Next, I want to introduce you to Chompy Chic Jewlery! This is another great product from a fellow mom that knows babies needs. Ok, Ive seen several teething toys but a Peace sign for baby Peace to chew on is too cute! Peace has nothing that contains BPA so being that these tethers are BPA FREE made me happy. They have these little wooden beads on the teething toy and I was a little concerned because I didn't want her sucking on wood but once I found out they are coated in organic Beeswax that made me happy. Peace is only 3 1/2 months and is already going through teething so she tries her best to put the toy in her mouth lol. We love your product Sonia and wish you the best of luck on your venture ! Take one to your next baby shower as a gift or get one for your baby here: ChompyChic 


Peace & blessings

Xoxo - Fee La Tour 

Manifesting GREATNESS : Jhenè Aiko story

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I had to share this story with you guys ! This is something that can affect everyone being that it is a motivational / inspirational thing that can give you hope and perseverance . 

At 7 months pregnant I remember driving down the street and having this random feeling . I called my fiancé and said " Babe , I am going to do Jhenè Aiko's makeup . I know that my hand can create what she wants and I think she will appreciate my artistry / style ." I claimed it and moved on with my day . 

Now ,  a lot of people don't know this but I was in a makeup funk of not wanting to be an artist anymore . I wanted to just curl up in a ball and throw my brushes to the waste side . I was wanting something more and wanted to give up . Well they tell you when you feel like giving up , KEEP GOING ! Usually its the " enemy " trying to make it to where you can't receive your blessing . I stood strong , I would call my sister and cry and tell her I want to quit and just go back to school . I am mentally & physically tired and I want to be left alone . With that being said , I would still go out and bless people with feeling beautiful and exchange energy because my spirit wouldn't allow me to stop . Something was whispering " keep going , its not over ..." 

Hanging on when you feel you've given your all is sometimes very draining . If you hear that little voice encouraging you , I encourage you to keep on going like its suggesting . I continued to hang on and the unimaginable happened . That thing that was telling me to hang on was for a reason. I get a phone call from Jhenès team and they wanted me to do makeup for her music video . I looked at my phone and laughed because I remember about 5 months prior I was saying I want to work with this soul ! Not only is she talented but her spirit , her spirit is AWAKE and alert . A lot of people can understand what I mean by that and others may think I am speaking another language lol . 

The day comes where I have to do her makeup and I wasn't nervous , I knew I was suppose to be there and I knew my spirit was comfortable and ready to express itself . We exchange energy and I tell her the same story that I am sharing with you and she laughs . We keep working on more projects and creating . Last  night , as I was getting her ready for her show in Los Angeles , CA . I was excited and just kept playing that moment when I called my fiancé and claimed what I wanted and what my soul was trying to tell me . 

I am looking at this soul on stage perform and express herself with a crowd full of people who are able to relate and exchange feelings , emotions , and energy . Her band plays their instruments doing their souls purpose and everyone is vibe'n'.   As I look up at her perform I can't help but tell God " thank you " very softly under my breath . Working closely with someone who knows them self and they touch so many souls on a spiritual level is an amazing thing . 

I am sharingl this in hopes to inspire someone . ANYTHING is achievable , but you have to be willing to take risks & hustle extremely hard . My social life comes 4th in line to everything . You can ask all my friends , they know that my work is my everything along with my family and they respect it . It takes sacrifice and perseverance with a whole lot of powerful prayers and thinking clearly / positive. Its not a trend , its a lifestyle that I encourage everyone to take part of . There is power in working on yourself and bringing to life all your dreams . You HAVE to start with working on who you are as a person . Thats how the game goes . Doing makeup , I get to make people feel pretty but I love doing makeup to meet other spirits , thats what keeps me inspired . Its a blessing and I am forever grateful for this life journey I am on . 

Thank you to everyone who supports me & Thank you Jhenè & her team ! 

Peace & Blessings 

Xoxo - Fee La Tour 

Getting in Shape after a baby ... UGH !

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Welllll my doctor said " Felicia , make sure you stay within the 25-30 lb. weight gain bracket . Pssss who was she fooling ? I gained a full 50 LBS. YIKES ! So much for staying within my bracket Dr. Patterson lol. I knew I was going to have work to do to get back to what I was before the baby if not close. I browsed through photos of me before the pregnancy and I was so skinny I almost feel like I looked sick lol . 5'8 & 128 lbs. Eghh too small . 

One thing about having a baby is you literally turn into another women . All of the sudden I have a big O'L booty  & hips . Looking back in the mirror like " danggggg girl ! " haha ! Only problem is mama needs some tightening & lifting . I'm a very busy person so I have to eat right as well as do exercises at home . I am slowly but surely getting back into working out but eating right is the 1st factor .

I am on a no carb diet until I lose the weight I desire which I have lost 38lbs. of the 50 so I am making LOTS of progress . I am drinking a lot of water and staying away from sugar drinks . Eating clean is something I am focusing on and just trying to get back into the swing of things . My workout routine is simple for right now . 

250 Abs, 50 Push Ups, 60 day squat challenge, 100 lunges . This week I am adding cardio which is including running & Yoga . As you can see , I use my newborn for a weight . She is with me all the time so I figured she can help me with getting back into shape . I mean , she did help me gain 50 lbs. lol . 

I am excited to share this workout challenge with you ladies and hope some of you moms join me in this journey ! Lets keep one another accountable and lose this baby weight ! 


Peace & Blessings 

XoXo- Fee La Tour 

Mommy on the go makeup tutorial

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 Press play or Visit YouTube.Com/FeliciaLaTour for todays blog post


This tutorial is dedicated to those moms who just seem to have no time to get ready in the morning :) 5 minute get ready tutorial even though I said 10-15 I challenged myself and pushed it to the limit . You can too !!! 


Peace & Blessings

Xoxo - Fee La Tour 

Halloween CRE-A-TI-VI-TY .....

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"Flower Child " ...&nbsp;

"Flower Child " ... 

Have fun this Halloween !&nbsp;

Have fun this Halloween ! 

" oh hey !"&nbsp;

" oh hey !" 

Peace &amp; Love ...&nbsp;

Peace & Love ... 

My favorite time of the year is here ! Halloween ! This is hands down my fav because I get to be creative with no limits but most of all I get to be creative on others with no limits! This first look I created is just very pretty & delicate. I call her " flower child " ! She is a pretty little hippie who loves good energy & pretty makeup ! 


I will be booking client this year for Halloween but I will be limiting myself to only 5 clients for the day/night. 

Book me @ :  

lets get creative together ! Comment below with some fun / creative ideas for me to create :) 

Xoxo- Fee La Tour  

Terrible pregnancy skin !!

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&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; ( Pregnancy skin &amp; non pregnancy skin regimen )&nbsp;

        ( Pregnancy skin & non pregnancy skin regimen ) 

When in my first trimester of pregnancy , my skin went CRAZY ! I freaked out with it , which only made it worse :( I hand break outs all over and was very embarrassed to be in public . I've never experienced acne or anything of that nature so I was sad lol . First my body is gaining weight and going through changes , next I am hormonal and emotional , last but not least my skin is bugging out ! What do I do !? 

&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp;Lovin my new skin :)&nbsp;

                                 Lovin my new skin :) 

The answer for myself was to say " this is only temporary , you are creating a human . This is normal . " I began to drink lots of water through out the day and also decided to switch over to all organic face products . I switched over for two reasons , one being that I didn't want products with a bunch of chemicals being transferred to my baby . The second reason was I didn't want to make my skin even WORSE with all that extras clogging my pores . Not only did I have to switch my skin care but I also had to switch my makeup . I knew liquid makeup wasn't going to cut it any longer . 

The products that got my face back to normal are listed below , keep in mind these products are ORGANIC , these products are also for sensitive skin . WATER is a necessity not only for you baby but also for you to stay looking fresh and fly through this pregnancy :) 

African Black Soap : I purchased this from Whole Foods in the beauty dept. I got this for many different reason . The first being that it is organic , but I also wanted something that would help me with dark spots after picking at my face . Me not being use to having breakouts I picked a lot but I heard this stuff helps with that and it did . I indulge night & day with lukewarm water . 

Juice Beauty Green Apple Peel Sensitive Skin : I also purchased this from Whole Foods . This stuff is amazing for dark spots as well as rejuvenating your skin and keeping  it nice and firm . It is a GREAT cleanse and keeps my face nice and smooth . I only do this once a week due to me not wanting to mess with my skin too much but to keep it nice and fresh of course !

OLEHENRIKSEN Sheer Transformation moisturizer : OMG ! This product is the I bought this product from the spa and I can't rave about it more than I am about to . Like I said I was picking at my face and began to notice ugly dark marks . I freaked and ended up getting treated to a facial at this place . SOOOOO relaxing & amazing ! I got a deep cleaning which also included a peel like the one listed above as well as exfoliation process which is amazing . I asked him about getting rid of dark spots and he guided me to this product . I have been using it for only 2 weeks and my skin is already clear and back to normal . No dark spots!! :) 

All of these products helped me so much in the process of my skin calming down and I am very gentle with it .  My makeup had to change as well , below you will see the new compact I use . I've never been a compact powder type of girl but this is my new thanggggg 

PUR 4- in- 1 Mineral foundation w/ skincare : My mom has been telling me for years to try this product but I was so against powder foundation . As soon as I got pregnant I knew that I needed to make a change . I headed over to Sephora and the lady went straight to the PUR department . I am OBSESSED with this foundation . Its light , fresh , has great coverage , and is so much better for your skin than liquid. I will stick with this foundation even after I deliver for sureeeee !

I hope all this information helps ! Good luck on your journey 

XoXo- Fee La Tour 


Belly Buds Product Review :)

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Baby &amp; Fee is a new edition to the FeeLove Blog . You will be seeing tips for soon to be mommies like myself . I will be sharing my journey with balancing my career as well as becoming a mother .

Baby & Fee is a new edition to the FeeLove Blog . You will be seeing tips for soon to be mommies like myself . I will be sharing my journey with balancing my career as well as becoming a mother .

My first baby product review are the Belly Buds !!  These things are super cool ! You can play your growing baby audio from voice recordings , books , and music . They say your baby starts learning in the womb so why not start now ? I received these little gems in the mail and I am addicted ! I hope my baby is loving them as much as I am ! I want her to be advance , well equipped , while enjoying her " growing party " in my belly . When running errands or working , I can play her some music and she can jam out . I thought this invention was really cool ! I also really like the fact that they aren't like headphones wrapped round my belly and no matter how big I get , she can still get her tunes played to her while mommy is comfy .

I am excited to share this part of my journey . It is a big step for me to share because it is very close to my heart but I figured I can inspire young moms like myself to have fun with it and keep dream chasing while still being an amazing mother :) 

Enjoy ! Peace & Blessings

                                                                                                        Xoxo- Fee La Tour 

Get to Know Fee a little deeper -

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Welcome ! 

The Video below is about me in my environment  as a makeup artist , model , motivational speaker , TV personality , and it all sums up to the person I stand as today . This video explains my logic on things in life as well as my vision .  I get to show people who Felicia is and my mission for people . This is a piece of my journey I am sharing with you , handle with care .


Xoxo- Fee La Tour 

Thank you to everyone who took part in this video !